The Girl on the Train (2009/2010)

The Girl on the Train

Emilie Dequenne

Also Known As: La Fille du Rer

Opened: 01/22/2010 Limited

Music Box Thea...04/23/2010

Trailer: Click for trailer

Genre: French Drama (French w/English Subtitles)

Rated: Unrated


Based on a play by Jean-Marie Besset, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is inspired by one of the most media-blitzed and polarizing events in recent French history: a young woman's lie about being the victim of an anti-semitic attack on a Paris suburban train.

Jobless, soul-searching and rollerblading Jeanne (Rosetta's Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Winner Emilie Dequenne,) lives in a Paris suburb with her widowed mother Louise, (Catherine Deneuve,) who makes a living as a baby-sitter. Louise helps her daughter get a job with her old flame Samuel Bleistein (Michel Blanc, Monsieur Hire, Grosse Fatigue), now a famous lawyer and Jewish activist. When Jeanne's budding relationship with aspiring wrestler Franck (Nicolas Devauchelle) is shattered by a violent turn of events, Jeanne and Bleistein's opposite worlds get set on a collision course, as the film becomes a complex psychological drama raising issues of race, religion and identity.