Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral

Chris Rock stars in Screen Gems' comedy DEATH AT A FUNERAL. Photo By: Phil Bray.

Death at a Funeral (2010)

Opened: 04/16/2010 Wide

AMC Loews Meth...04/16/2010 - 05/13/201028 days

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Genre: Comedy

Rated: R for language, drug content and some sexual humor

Short Synopsis

Directed by Neil LaBute, Death at a Funeral is a hilarious day in the life of an American family that has come together to put a beloved husband and father to rest. As mourners gather at the family home, shocking revelations, festering resentments, ugly threats, blackmail and a misdirected corpse unleash lethal and riotous mayhem.


Sibling rivalry, family secrets and a mysterious stranger threaten to blow the lid right off a coffin in Death at a Funeral, a hilarious and darkly delicious romp featuring an ensemble cast of comedy superstars and acclaimed dramatic actors. Based on director Frank Oz and writer Dean Craig's 2007 funeral farce and transplanted from the English countryside to sunny Pasadena, California, Death at a Funeral is a disarmingly funny look at life going on in the wake of death.

This may just be the worst day of Aaron's (Chris Rock) life. Charged with organizing his father's funeral, Aaron has to deal with the eccentricities of his entire family as they gather to pay tribute to their patriarch. Aaron's brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence), a successful novelist, arrives from New York to the delight of the family and Aaron steams silently while Ryan hogs the limelight. To complicate matters, the alarm on his wife Michelle's (Regina Hall) biological clock has gone off and she expects him to do his husbandly duties - despite the unfortunate timing.

With his strong-willed, proper mother Cynthia (Loretta Devine) watching over his shoulder, Aaron attempts to put together a fitting memorial for his father, but his extended family undermines his efforts at every turn. As they gather together to pay their last respects to a beloved husband and father, petty resentments and lifelong feuds spill over. Confusion becomes chaos as future in-law Oscar (James Marsden) accidentally ingests hallucinogenic drugs and turns Aaron's carefully planned tribute into the worst funeral in history.

But even that pales when Frank (Peter Dinklage), a "special friend" of the deceased, arrives with some information he thinks the family would like buried along with the revered patriarch - and demands a big payday to keep it under wraps. As Aaron's attempt to stash Frank quietly away while he figures out how he's going to come up with the hush money goes terribly wrong, good behavior goes out the window (along with Oscar) in a wickedly funny, wildly inventive comedy of errors.

Death at a Funeral stars Keith David (Crash, Gamer), Loretta Devine ("Grey's Anatomy," First Sunday), Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent, Death at a Funeral [2007]), Ron Glass (Lakeview Terrace, Serenity), Danny Glover (2012, Lethal Weapon franchise), Regina Hall (Law Abiding Citizen, Scary Movie franchise), Kevin Hart (Superhero Movie), Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys, Big Momma's House), James Marsden (Enchanted, The Box), Tracy Morgan (Cop Out, "30 Rock"), Chris Rock (I Think I Love My Wife, "The Chris Rock Show"), Zoë Saldaña (Avatar, Star Trek), Columbus Short (Stomp the Yard, Armored), and Luke Wilson (Idiocracy, Old School).

The film is directed by Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Lakeview Terrace) and written by Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral [2007]). Sidney Kimmel (Lars and the Real Girl, Alpha Dog), William Horberg (Adventureland, Milk), Chris Rock, Share Stallings (Death at a Funeral [2007]) and Laurence Malkin (Death at a Funeral [2007]) are producers. Jim Tauber (Management, Being John Malkovich), Bruce Toll, Dean Craig, and Glenn S. Gainor (Obsessed, Quarantine) are executive producers. Director of photography is Rogier Stoffers, N.S.C. (Disturbia, The School of Rock). Production designer is Jon Gary Steele (Armored, Obsessed). Editor is Tracey Wadmore-Smith, A.C.E. (American Beauty, Hitch). Music was by Christophe Beck. Costume designer is Maya Lieberman (Quarantine, Grandma's Boy).

Death at a Funeral has been rated R for language, drug content and some sexual humor. The running time is 92 minutes.