The Joneses

The Joneses

Ben Hollingsworth as Mick, Amber Heard as Jenn, Demi Moore as Kate and David Duchovny as Steve in THE JONESES, written and directed by Derrick Borte. Photo Credit: Gene Page.

The Joneses (2009/2010)

Opened: 04/16/2010 Limited

Playhouse 704/16/2010 - 05/06/201021 days
Laemmle's Fall...04/23/2010 - 05/06/201014 days
Laemmle's Clar...04/30/2010 - 05/06/20107 days
Laemmle's Musi...05/07/2010 - 05/13/20107 days

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Genre: Drama

Rated: R for language, some sexual content, teen drinking and drug use


If ever there was a film that was perfectly attuned to the current Zeitgeist, it would be THE JONESES. First-time writer/director Derrick Borte imbues a serious core theme -- the wobbly undercurrents of a frenetic consumer culture -- with humor, warmth and shots of clever, zesty fun.

Demi Moore and David Duchovny star as a seemingly perfect couple who, along with their equally perfect teenagers -- Amber Heard (Zombieland, Pineapple Express) and Ben Hollingsworth (The Beautiful Life) -- move into an upscale gated community. The Joneses have better goods and game than any other family in town. The only problem is they're not a family -- they are employees of a stealth marketing organization, and they know how to make everyone else want what they've got.