Monster Mutt (2010)

Monster Mutt

Rhiannon Leigh Wryn and Billy Unger in MONSTER MUTT, a film directed by Todd Tucker. Copyright © Monster Mutt LLC. All rights reserved.

Monster Mutt

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Opened: 07/21/2010 Limited

Sunset 5/LA07/21/2010 - 07/21/20101 day

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Genre: Family

Rated: Unrated


It's "Beethoven" meets "Honey I Blew Up the Kids" in this heartwarming comedy/adventure for the whole family. Max the dog is kidnapped by evil scientists, but when Max escapes all seems normal until -- overnight -- he transforms from his cute Collie self into the gigantic: MONSTER MUTT! He's just as lovable as ever, there's just more of him to love...a lot more! Now it's a race against time for Ashley and Zack -- with the help of the bumbling scientist Dr. Lloyd -- to elude the evil Sirus and his henchwoman Natalya and find a cure for their giant furry friend before it's too late!

Directed by Todd Tucker and stars Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, Billy Unger, Bart Johnson, Brian Stepanek, Mindy Sterling, Destin Bigsby and Zack Ward.

The writers include Timothy Dolan and Todd Tucker. The movie was produced by Harvey Lowry and Seth William Meier.