Aashayein (2009/2010)


A scene from AASHAYEIN. Also available as wallpaper from the official site.

Also Known As: Wishes

Opened: 08/27/2010 Limited


Trailer: Click for trailer

Genre: Hindi Drama (Hindi w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated


Rahul Singh, a compulsive gambler, has never picked the right horse. Then one day when he risks everything he has, the winning horse comes in making him incredibly wealthy. The same evening while celebrating his new life, he proposes to his girlfriend Nafisa, and suddenly collapses. A diagnosis reveals that he has an incurable cancer that has already reached its final stage. He is told that he has 90 days to live.

Faced with the realization that death is inevitable and filled with anger at the rotten hand fate has dealt him, he runs away from his home and fiancee to a hospice - a beautiful resort like facility where terminally ill patients go to die with dignity.

Reluctantly at first, and then with a renewed enthusiasm as his anger and self pity dissipate, he begins to live a whole lifetime in the last 90 days. Along this sometimes real, sometime magical final journey, he encounters a guru like ten year old boy, Govinda, who seems to have the answer to all of life's problems through stories he concocts, a teenage girl, Padma, with the face of an angel and the mouth of the devil who is on a mission to piss off as many people as humanly possible in her last few days, a Catholic sister, Grace, who runs the hospice with a selflessness which is as disarming as her smile and a prostitute, Madhu who embodies all that is good.

As his relationships begin to grow with each of these people, Rahul tries to rise above his own selfishness and live life to the fullest learning from the courage of the people around him.

Aashayein is an inspiring, bittersweet fable that reminds the viewer that life is short and to make the best of it.