Daniel and Ana (2009/2010)

Daniel and Ana

A scene from DANIEL & ANA, a film by Michel Franco. Courtesy Strand Releasing. All rights reserved.

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Also Known As: Daniel & Ana, Daniel y Ana

Opened: 08/27/2010 Limited

Quad Cinema/NYC08/27/2010 - 09/02/20107 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

Genre: Mexican Drama/Thriller (In Spanish w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated

Short Synopsis

Daniel and Ana are brother and sister and best friends. Both are at pivotal, defining moments in their contented lives. Ana is about to be married and Daniel is a gregarious teenager discovering his personal and sexual identity. Yet their harmony is instantly shattered when they are kidnapped and are forced to engage in an unforgettable act for their freedom. Their previous lives become a distant memory and nothing will ever be the same again.

Long Synopsis

Mexico City is a vibrant and frenetic city of harrowing extremes, where the division between the privileged and the desperate collide, creating the perfect ground for a seedy underworld and organized crime.

This is the world for Daniel and Ana Torres, two siblings from an affluent family. The beautiful Ana is busily preparing for her wedding, and despite her fiance's wish of moving to Spain, she wants to remain in Mexico with her family. Her brother Daniel is, like any average teenager, young and carefree.

But their idealistic existence is obliterated one fateful day in Mexico City, the world's most notorious kidnapping hotspot. Daniel and Ana are kidnapped at gunpoint. Much to their horror, the kidnappers know their names, their families and where they live. But the kidnappers are not after a ransom for their release. Instead, Daniel and Ana must commit a traumatic and life-altering act to save themselves.

Their release from their physical ordeal however only worsens their emotional ordeal. Daniel and Ana try to return to their lives, but the world is no longer the same. Ana calls off her wedding. Daniel skips school and hides in movie theatres. Both are too traumatized to go on with their lives without discussing their grisly ordeal with anyone.

Ana, who desperately wants to return to her normal life, wants to get help and tries to convince Daniel to face the trauma together. Daniel, torn between guilt and anger, reacts with increasing violence and fury against his once beloved sister.

A tense and unsettling debut from Michel Franco, Daniel & Ana is an innovative and minimalist look at how a violent aftermath affects its victims of crime. Starring Dario Yazbek Bernal, brother of Gael Garcia Bernal, in his feature debut, Daniel & Ana is produced by Daniel Birman Ripstein, producer of The Crime Of Father Amaro (El Crimen Del Padre Amaro), Oscar® and Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film and the most successful Mexican film to date.