Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny (2010)

Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny

  • Katrin Osmialowski
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Opened: 08/20/2010 Limited

Coliseum Theat...08/20/2010 - 08/26/20107 days
Laemmle's Clar...08/20/2010 - 08/26/20107 days
Quad Cinema/NYC10/29/2010 - 11/11/201014 days
Laemmle's Musi...11/05/2010 - 11/18/201014 days

Genre: Documentary

Rated: Unrated


The newest production from the Moriah Films Division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, focuses on the years 1940 and 1941, when the Swastika flew over continental Europe. Only England with her back to the wall, under Winston Churchill, remained defiant.

Walking With Destiny highlights Churchill's years in the political wilderness, his early opposition to Adolf Hitler and Nazism, and his support for Jews under threat by the Nazi regime. As historian John Lukacs explains, Churchill may not have won the War in 1940, but without him, the War most certainly would have been lost.

Sir Martin Gilbert, historical consultant for the film and Churchill's official biographer, adds that had Churchill's warnings about Nazi Germany's racial policies towards Jews been heeded in the early 1930's, the Holocaust may never have occurred.

The film examines why Winston Churchill's legacy continues to be relevant in the 21st Century and explores why his leadership remains inspirational to current day political leaders and diplomats.