The Afterlight (2009/2010)

The Afterlight

Michael Kelly as Andrew and Jicky Schnee as Claire in "The Afterlight," a Wintersea production. © 2010 Wintersea, LLC. Photography by Noah Greenberg.

Opened: 09/10/2010 Limited

Quad Cinema/NYC09/10/2010 - 09/16/20107 days

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Genre: Drama

Rated: Unrated


A young couple moves into an old schoolhouse on a desolate stretch of farm country. Hoping for a new beginning, their lives are instead drawn toward dark and unforeseen ends.

In a desolate stretch of farm country, a young couple attempts to leave their complicated past behind in hopes of starting a new life. Andrew and Claire find themselves far from their roots. They move into an old schoolhouse that sits on the edge of a farm inhabited by an elderly widow and her blind niece, Maria. While the local media report on an approaching solar eclipse, the arrival of Andrew and Claire sets off an elusive chain of events that will alter the lives of everyone around them. As their relationship deteriorates under the pressure of their isolation, Claire withdraws and develops an unsettling interest in Maria. And when painful memories return to haunt her, her only refuge becomes a sympathetic bid for solace she places in someone from her past.

As tension builds across the countryside, a late-summer thunderstorm and the arrival of the eclipse become a catalyst for the characters to confront their darkest truths. It is not until a pale afterlight descends upon the farm in the wake of the eclipse that our characters find themselves--and their lives--changed forever.

A Statement From the Directors

"The Afterlight" was inspired by an abandoned farm we discovered on a stretch of wilderness in upstate New York. The farm, as well as the surrounding countryside, had a poignant sense of something forgotten and stuck in time. It is a landscape that is defined as much by its emotional resonance as by its dramatic physical appearance. Since we are from the Northeast, we know this area well. We wanted to make a film in which the feelings these settings elicit in us could be explored through the perspective of characters that arrive there as outsiders and witness them for the first time. We wanted to revisit these places as strangers, as our characters do. Above all, we sought to create a film in which the expressive landscape could be used to mirror and amplify the characters' emotions, serving as an integral part in the telling of the story.