Robert De Niro stars in Overture Films' STONE. Photo Credit: Ron Batzdorff.

Stone (2010)

Opened: 10/08/2010 Limited

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Genre: Thriller

Rated: R for strong sexuality and violence, and pervasive language.


A seasoned corrections official and a volatile inmate find their lives dangerously intertwined in Stone, a thought-provoking drama directed by John Curran and written by Angus MacLachlan. Stone features powerful performances by Academy Award® winner Robert De Niro and Oscar® nominee Edward Norton, and a startlingly raw, breakout performance from Milla Jovovich as the sexy, casually amoral woman they both desire.

As parole officer Jack Mabry (De Niro) counts the days toward a quiet retirement, he is asked to review the case of Gerald "Stone" Creeson (Norton), in prison for covering up the murder of his grandparents with a fire. Now eligible for early release, Stone needs to convince Jack he has reformed, but his attempts to influence the older man's decision have profound and unexpected consequences for them both.

Stone skillfully weaves together the parallel journeys of two men grappling with dark impulses, as the line between lawman and lawbreaker becomes precariously thin. Golden Globe® winner Frances Conroy completes the superb ensemble as Madylyn, Jack's devout, long-suffering spouse.

Set against the quiet desperation of economically ravaged suburban Detroit and the stifling brutality of a maximum security prison, this tale of passion, betrayal and corruption examines the fractured lives of two volatile men breaking from their troubled pasts to face uncertain futures.

The film stars Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull), Edward Norton (The Painted Veil, Fight Club) Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element) and Frances Conroy ("Six Feet Under"). It is directed by John Curran (The Painted Veil, We Don't Live Here Anymore) from a screenplay by Angus MacLachlan (Junebug). Stone is produced by Holly Wiersma (Factory Girl), Jordan Schur and David J. Mimran. Director of photography is Maryse Alberti (The Wrestler). Editor is Alexandre de Franceschi (Bright Star). Costume designer is Victoria Farrell (New York, I Love You). Production designer is Tim Grimes (The Wrestler). Co-producer is Ed Cathell III (The Secret Life of Bees). Associate producers are Cat Lake and Lauren Mann. Co-executive producers are Will French (Game of Death) and Stephen Roberts (Game of Death). Executive producers are Rene Besson (Solitary Man), Danny Dimbort (The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans), Avi Lerner (Rambo) and Trevor Short (Leaves of Grass).