Ricardo Darin in CARANCHO, a film by Pablo Trapero. Picture courtesy Strand Releasing. All rights reserved.

Carancho (2010/2011)

Opened: 02/11/2011 Limited

Angelika/NYC02/11/2011 - 03/03/201121 days
Laemmle's Play...02/11/2011 - 02/24/201114 days
Sunset 5/LA02/11/2011 - 02/24/201114 days
Laemmle's Moni...02/11/2011 - 02/17/20117 days
Village East03/04/2011 - 03/10/20117 days
Kendall Square...04/29/2011 - 05/05/20117 days

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Genre: Argentine Crime Drama (Spanish w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated

Short Synopsis

Sosa (Ricardo Darín, The Secret in Their Eyes) is an ambulance-chasing personal injury attorney with questionable ethics. Lujan (Martina Gusman, Lion's Den) is a young, idealistic country doctor new to the city. After Lujan and Sosa's paths repeatedly cross, the two form an unlikely romance that is threatened by Sosa's turbulent past. With traffics accidents as the number one cause of death in Argentina, bodies are currency and a black market strives to get rich from the personal tragedies that literally litter the streets.

Long Synopsis

In Argentina, more than eight thousand people die every year in road accidents at a daily average of twenty-two. More than a hundred and twenty thousand are injured. Only the last decade has seen one hundred thousand deaths. The millions of pesos that every victim represents in medical and legal expenses produces an enormous market, supported by the compensations of insurance companies and the weakness of the law. Behind every tragedy, there is an industry.

SOSA is a lawyer who specializes in road accidents and is close to recovering his license. He moves through emergency rooms of public hospitals and funeral houses in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in search of potential clients. Now he works for an alleged foundation that in reality, is a screen for a murky law firm, and helps victims. Sosa gets the clients, the witnesses, the evidence, and ultimately settles with the police, the judges and the insurance companies.

LUJAN, is a young doctor from the province, trying to make a living out of many jobs: ambulance medic, hospital ER doctor, emergency services. Alone, with a work rhythm that barely allows her to sleep, she tries to establish herself in a city unknown to her.

A love story begins the night Lujan and Sosa meet on the street. She is trying to save a man's life; he's trying to turn him into his client. From that night they constantly run into each other. Together, they will try to bend the course of their lives, but Sosa's turbulent past will come back unexpectedly.