Ex Drummer

Ex Drummer

A scene from EX DRUMMER, a Flemish film directed by Koen Mortier. Courtesy Palisades Tartan.

Ex Drummer

Executive Producer:
  • Nicolas Duval
  • Luca Fanfani
  • Francesco Pistorio
Photography Director:
Production Designer:
Costume Designer:
Stills Photographer:

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Ex Drummer (2007/2011)

Opened: 03/04/2011 Limited

reRun Theater03/04/2011 - 03/10/20117 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Flemish Crime Drama

Rated: Unrated

Short Synopsis

Three drug-addled, misfit punk rock musicians are looking for a drummer.

They approach Dries, a well known writer whose arrogant self assurance and yuppie lifestyle make him an unlikely candidate, but the fact that he can't play the drums appeals to the band's punk sensibility.

Fascinated by these dysfunctional characters, Dries joins the group. His arrival awakens the personal disputes and family feuds latent in the band.

A shocking, hardcore, blood-spattered depiction of small time rock musicians losing the plot rather than living the dream.

Long Synopsis

EX DRUMMER is a Belgian hardcore punk black comedy masterpiece from acclaimed director Koen Mortier that has the style of TRAINSPOTTING but is darker, funnier and has absolutely no moral compass. It's a shocking and stylistically hardcore, blood-spattered depiction of small time rock musicians losing their minds rather than living the dream. And when we say "punk", we mean PUNK F**KING ROCK. This isn't mall friendly suburban punk rock. This isn't commodified punk rock. This isn't the punk rock you see on the t-shirts of some emo band on MTV whose members are related to someone on Hannah Montana. No, this is punk from the days when it was scary, angry and turning over cop cars outside a Black Flag show.

In this disturbingly gripping film that the Guardian called "A bizzare, horribly violent and frequently brilliant black comedy" a group of three punk rock freaks approach Dries, a well known writer and local celebrity, to join their band, "The Feminists" as the drummer. All three are "handicapped" in various ways and figure that even though Dries seems all together, his handicap is that he can't play drums, making him perfect for their band. Dries joins the group but he looks upon this group of losers as more of a science experiment than a legitimate band and his arrival accelerates the personal disputes and family fueds among the three misfits as they aim to play at, and win a local battle of the bands. EX DRUMMER is destined to be a legend of underground cinema, the type of counter-culture classic that just does not get made anymore in the time of bloated 3D spectacles.