The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah

Esmay the Cow (Sandi Patty) as seen in THE LION OF JUDAH. Picture courtesy Animated Family Films. All rights reserved.

The Lion of Judah (2011)

Opened: 06/03/2011 Limited


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Genre: Animated Family Film

Rated: PG for for some mild thematic elements.


A laugh-filled, heart-warming, animated tale, The Lion of Judah is a classic in the making that the entire family will enjoy.

Premiering in June (beginning on the 3rd) in cities across the country, The Lion of Judah is seen through the eyes of a zany cast of stable animals and features the voice talents of Academy Award-winner Ernest Borgnine (Red, The Wild Bunch, The Dirty Dozen, Marty, From Here to Eternity, TV's McHale's Navy), Scott Eastwood (Invictus, Gran Torino, Pride, Flags of Our Fathers), Michael Madsen (Donnie Brasco, Kill Bill, Vol. 1 & 2, Reservoir Dogs), Georgina Cordova (The Tale of Despereaux) and more.

It's a roaring adventure with Judah (Cordova), the spunky and heroic lamb; Slink (Borgnine), a rat with a plan and the natural leader of the group; Jack (Eastwood), a downtrodden, teenaged donkey with an attitude; Boss (Madsen), a street-smart Raven who strives to be better; Esmay (Sandi Patty), a motherly cow; Horace (Omar Benson Miller), an unmannerly but big-hearted pig; Monty (Anupam Kher), a faint-hearted horse; and Drake (Alphonso McAuley), a zany, rambling rooster.

Upon learning that Judah is in the clutches of the townspeople -- who plan to make him the highlight of the annual festival feast -- the stablemates leave their cozy barn, embarking on an action-packed series of laugh-out-loud exploits to free their friend. During their daring journey, they interact and entwine with history ... finally seeking help from the King, born in their stable more than 30 years earlier.

A remarkable 3-D animated epic -- depicting a variety of historical scenes as it entertains with humorous antics -- The Lion of Judah re-imagines the Easter story in a uniquely entertaining and contemporary manner.

Without a doubt, The Lion of Judah will leave you in awe of the power that one lamb can command.

Recognized by The Dove Foundation with the Dove Seal for Family Friendly Entertainment, The Lion of Judah won the award for Best Animated Film at the 2011 Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy.

The Lion of Judah's original motion picture soundtrack (available on iTunes) features 11 songs and includes 10 underscores composed by award-winning composer/producer Greg Sims.

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Upcoming AMG Films releases include: An African Tale, a $30 million-budget, animated, family feature; Bethlehem or Bust, the $12 million-budget prequel to The Lion of Judah; Perfect Wave, a live-action $10 million film, based on the true story of surfer Ian McCormack; Heart of a Man, the highly anticipated $65 million, live-action period feature based on the real-life story of John Newton, prequel to Amazing Grace; and Our Father, a $15-million "dramedy" written by John Candy and Gene Quintano (in which Candy was slated to star prior to his death), featuring numerous celebrity cameos by friends of Candy.

Meet the Characters

Judah the Lamb (Georgina Cordova)

Judah is a lamb... brave, spunky, full of life and invincible... or so he thinks. Unfortunately for Judah, he was born completely white, with no black spots at all. That makes him perfect for the Passover...

Judah is the kind of lamb that gets along with everyone he meets. Judah's has a lot of self-confidence. Despite his great big personality, Judah is still a kid and needs protection and help - even when he thinks he doesn't.

The Lion of Judah movie begins as Judah has been taken by the townspeople from his own pasture in the countryside. Judah now faces the possibility of being the sacrifice at the annual Passover festival.

To stop Judah from becoming the sacrificial lamb, his new stable friends leave their cozy barn and embark on a hilariously funny series of adventures to find and free their friend. Ultimately, they will need to seek the help of "The King" to help save Judah...

Jack the Donkey (Scott Eastwood)

Jack is a young donkey colt - abused and misused. He is bitter, broken, and cares only for himself. Jack feels like everyone picks on him. However, Jack's biggest problem is that he takes all of his built up anger out on anyone who crosses his path.

Jack is a teenager. He is full of teenage anger and pessimism. His voice has a broken youthfulness, and he speaks with sarcasm and "know-it-all" arrogance. He has been hurt in the past, and he doesn't have much trust or hope in anyone else.

Jack is the character who is transformed the most during the movie. He becomes the strongest and most faithful member of the band of unlikely heroes.

When "The King" removes his ropes and loves him, Jack goes from hopeless to hopeful, from outcast to leader, from rebel to friend.

He is hard on the outside and on the inside... that is, until he meets "The King."

Drake the Zany Rooster (Alphonso McAuley)

Drake is a young rooster. He is the person who never keeps quiet, that needs to know everything and who keeps getting into trouble while getting others into trouble as well.

He doesn't live day by day... he lives minute by minute. When it comes right down to it, Drake probably lives second by second. He doesn't really have any idea of what just happened or what is happening next. Drake is one of those creatures that lives only in the present.

If ignorance is bliss, then Drake is very blessed. Drake lacks concentration or awareness of what is going on outside of the stable.

Drake is very animated and is the zaniest of all the stablemates. Drake loves to dance and tries to be funny. Unfortunately, he is funny, but not the way he plans.

Esmay the Motherly Cow (Sandi Patty)

Esmay is a milk cow and the mother of the stable. She takes care of all the stablemates as much as she can.

She considers herself quite a lady and feels she should be in a pristine stable or house, rather than with this raggedy bunch of creatures that she calls friends.

Esmay has a large vocabulary, especially for a milk cow, and she likes to show it off as much as she can. Not only does she do that, but Esmay can be quite dramatic.

Esmay likes to pamper herself but tries to hide it - not too successfully. She is gentle and feminine but will demand respect when necessary.

Her main weakness is that she likes hay a bit more than she should, so she isn't as slim as she'd like. If necessary, she will bat her eyes at you on occasions - her dignity shows in her facial and body expressions.

Esmay is a very endearing character...even when she uses her tail to discipline her stable friends. They need it a lot!

Horace the Obnoxious Pig (Omar Benson Miller)

Horace is a pig, in more ways than one! He has the worst of manners but a very big heart. Horace is very often inappropriate in what he says and does, but behind his piggishness, there is a great big heart that usually speaks a lot of truth.

Horace pretty much goes with the flow and he is pretty relaxed. But he is no pushover when asked to do something he doesn't think is right. He is a young adult with teenage features.

Horace has lots of energy and rarely gets tired at all. He is very agile for a pig and is always in a good mood. This let's him see the cup as half full rather than half empty.

Horace can be a little clumsy, gets a little scared on occasions, and gets sad when he sees how upsetting the real world really is.

Monty the Cowardly Horse (Anupam Kher)

Monty the horse isn't always what he seems to be. Monty is a great big strong horse, but inside he is really just a big pushover and coward. In fact, Monty feints at the the drop of a hat!

Monty is not like other horses and doesn't hang out with other horses so he doesn't really know how he should act as a horse.

Monty has really bad aim, and kicking is just not his thing. He usually does not get "what's going on" in the big picture.

At first, he comes across as strong and confident, but as soon as he opens his mouth he withers away.

Monty worries a lot! When you first see him, he looks pretty composed - but he looses his cool as soon as things don't go his way. He avoids conflict at any cost.

Boss the Raven (Michael Madsen)

Boss heads the notorious "Uncleans" raven gang. They rule the mean streets of the city of Jerusalem.

The gang got their name the "Uncleans," because of the Jewish belief that ravens are unclean and not 'kosher.'

Boss is a strong and respected leader. But he has one weakness - he had a very special dream about... sheets. Boss misinterpreted that dream and he has been having his mob of ravens steal bed sheets in an effort to make themselves "clean" rather than "unclean."

Behind the tough exterior, Boss has a soft heart. When he meets the band of stable friends, he becomes fully committed to helping them.

But most of all, Boss wants to become "clean" and solve the mystery of the sheets.

Slink the Rat (Ernest Borgnine)

Slink is the smallest in the stable but also the natural leader of the group. It probably hasn't quite got through to him that the stable is actually supposed to be a relaxed, humble place.

He likes to make sure the others are doing what they should be. Slink is the one who is most prepared when the unexpected happens.

The thing he doesn't really realize is that his security and confidence are directly influenced by the other animals in the stable. Without them, he would be pretty vulnerable.

He is an older mouse with the spirit and determination of young mouse. He gets tired quickly and likes to take a break. He was schooled and therefore thinks that he is streetwise... He talks with his hands and always has a plan. Slink is a very endearing, grandfatherly character.

Copy courtesy Animated Family Films. All rights reserved.