Exodus Fall (2011)

Exodus Fall

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Executive Producer:
  • Kumkum Kohli
  • Sameer Kohli
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Opened: 04/08/2011 Limited

Laemmle's Musi...04/08/2011 - 04/14/20117 days
Quad Cinema/NYC04/22/2011 - 04/28/20117 days

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Genre: Drama

Rated: Unrated


Set in 1974 Texas, three teen siblings struggle with the death of their father and try to live with their abusive mother. When one of the teens is sent away because the mother can't cope with his autism, the oldest of the siblings devises a plan to get their brother back and embark on a life changing adventure across the Southwest in their deceased father's station wagon. In their attempt to find their grandmother's home thousands of miles away, they find themselves confronted with detours that ultimately slow them down, but thrust them into a coming of age journey to be remembered.

Production Notes

The filmmakers were faced with the huge challenge of filming a story set in 1974 while also working on an independent film budget. To get the 1970's look, the filmmakers brought on DP Denis Maloney, ASC to shoot the movie on Super 16.

During pre-production, the art department and wardrobe team spent several weeks shopping at yard sales and thrift stores to find authentic furniture and clothing from the era. Later, line producer Michael Baumgarten had to host a yard sale in order to clear out a truck's worth of 1970's props and clothing used in the movie.

The production team worked out of offices above their telecine house in Burbank, CA. The shoot spanned 22 days and covered location shoots in Arizona (The Grand Canyon), New Mexico (White Sands), Texas, and various locations around Southern California.

The movie was edited on Final Cut Pro.