Turkey Bowl (2011)

Turkey Bowl

A scene from Turkey Bowl, a film by Kyle Smith.

Opened: 06/03/2011 Limited

reRun Theater06/03/2011 - 06/09/20117 days

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Genre: Sports Comedy

Rated: Unrated


Ten friends gather to play an annual game of touch football in this real-time comedy.

Directed by Kyle Smith and stars Morgan Beck, Adam Benic, Kerry Bishe, Troy Buchanan, Tom Dimenna, Zeke Hawkins, Zoe Perry, Jon Schmidt, Bob Turton and Sergio Villarreal. The screenwriter was Kyle Smith. The movie was produced by Kyle Smith and Stephen Paratore.

Press Reviews

"An ingeniously designed and sharply executed experiment in faux-verite quasi-improv comedy."

-- Karina Longworth, THE VILLAGE VOICE

"A comedy with a great ear for dialogue and a cast strong enough to make you wonder how much of it was improvised. Every huddle, every play, every touch in this game speaks volumes!"

-- Joe Pacheco, SLANT MAGAZINE

"The dialogue has more snap [than] your average post-collegiate dramedy of late... Much of the cast, all going by their actual first names, make vivid impressions."

-- Jesse Hasenger, THE L MAGAZINE

"Funny! It's hard to make a movie as good as TURKEY BOWL precisely because it looks so easy. Part of the fun is intuiting the histories between these characters from the dirty looks they exchange, or bitter jokes they make."

-- Matt Singer, IFC NEWS