A scene from BELLFLOWER, a film by Evan Glodell. Picture courtesy Oscilloscope Laboratories. All rights reserved.

Bellflower (2011)

Opened: 08/05/2011 Limited

Angelika/NYC08/05/2011 - 08/30/201126 days
The Nuart08/05/2011 - 08/11/20117 days
Laemmle's Play...08/12/2011 - 08/18/20117 days
Regent Theatre08/12/2011 - 08/18/20117 days
Kendall Square...09/09/2011 - 09/22/201114 days

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Genre: Action/Drama

Rated: R for disturbing violence, some strong sexuality, nudity, pervasive language and some drug use.


Best friends Woodrow and Aiden spend all of their free time building MAD MAX-inspired flamethrowers and muscle cars in preparation for a global apocalypse. But when Woodrow meets a charismatic young woman and falls hard in love, he and Aiden quickly integrate into a new group of friends, setting off on a journey of love and hate, betrayal, infidelity, and extreme violence more devastating and fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies.

Director's Note

As I get older, I find myself fully obsessing over the practical application of art - films in particular - in our society. I believe that they are here to almost magically fix rifts and help us all grow as people and better understand each other. This does not mean that anyone as a filmmaker or artist has to give out answers or think they know anything at all. I believe it comes naturally when you let go and just do whatever it is you think you are supposed to do. I also am a strong believer that stories on film should be told in an exciting way -- whatever that means. To me I suppose it translates into tons of fire, violence and insanity, but if I thought I was putting something negative into the world, I would most likely burn it before I would let anyone see it.

-- Evan Glodell

The Journey of the Broke, Dangerous, Law-Breaking Filmmaking Gang, Coatwolf

Coatwolf had acquired $5,000 from a recent job and were finally ready to pull the trigger on a project that seemed daunting and hardly possible. They were going for it. Principal photography on Bellflower officially started in July of 2008 in and around Oxnard and Ventura, California. The production office / sleeping quarters for cast & crew was an abandoned wing of an office building with one shower, a kitchen, and a couple empty offices with cots. It would be the Coatwolf team's home for over two years.

The budget went quickly and before they knew it, they were no longer able to reimburse the actors and the small crew for gas money or provide food. With no legal permits or permission, protocol was out the window. The project seemed destined for failure on several occasions throughout production: Faulty cameras, severe car troubles, Evan Glodell's bench warrants, location dysfunction, cast & crew woes... Several custom vehicles were used in the film and none of them were registered or insured, so driving the highways and streets was always a risk. The fully functional flamethrower, which had to be used several times throughout the shoot, could theoretically be considered a weapon of mass destruction and they were walking through residential neighborhoods with it. The 'Medusa' car flames almost burned down power lines while filming one scene and there was always the risk of explosion if the flamethrower's exhaust system malfunctioned. If that weren't enough, they had to blow up a propane tank with a twelve-gauge shotgun slug while it was on fire. None of this ever sat well with anyone involved...

In short, the entire movie was a recipe for disaster, orchestrated by engineering madman, Evan Glodell. Luckily, there was never an event disastrous enough to kill, maim, or halt production, so they continued their quest to get the film in the can. In late October of 2008, they found themselves shooting the last scene of the movie. It was over. Bellflower was wrapped. No party, no celebration. Photography had lasted for over 90 days. They all knew they'd done something special, but they were bankrupt - financially, physically, and emotionally. It was time to go back to their former lives.

Cast and Crew Biographies

EVAN GLODELL (Writer / Director / Woodrow)

Originally from Wisconsin, Evan moved to California in his early 20s with a group of close friends to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He and his brother started the Brothers Glodell which would grow to have a huge Internet cult following for their quirky and humorous short videos, some including Bellflower cast members Jessie Wiseman and Vincent Grashaw. Picking up other Coatwolf members along the way, including Tyler Dawson and Joel Hodge, Evan began working for Internet start-up STIM TV where he conceptualized and starred in the edgy sitcom BOSS OF THE GLORY. Evan has directed many music videos, most notably Cursive's "Let Me Up." Working as a cinematographer, Evan shot the feature-length horror movie PLACEBO and the short film SAVANNA, which screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and won an Accolade Competition, 'Excellence in Film' award.

BELLFLOWER, an intensely personal story incorporating many real life events, is Evan Glodell's feature-length directorial debut. Production began in early 2008 shortly after completing the innovative 'Coatwolf Model II' Ultra Large Format optical system made exclusively for the film. Bellflower became Evan's true labor of love, causing him to sacrifice almost everything, including selling off all of his personal belongings and living in an abandoned wing of an office building to fund the movie.


Born and raised in Ojai, California, Jessie Wiseman started acting at 15 with a theater group called THEATER 150, led by her acting coach and mentor, Kim Maxwell. Jessie honed her craft in over 30 performances, most of them from her own written material. It was a six week run of the play THIS IS OUR YOUTH which secured her the role in the play THE HOSTAGE for the Alliance Theater in Los Angeles. Her dedication paid off when the play won the Ovation Award for 'Best Ensemble'. After her performance in another Alliance play THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL, Jessie met Evan Glodell and they began making several short films and promotional spots for the web-based company STIM TV.

BELLFLOWER marks her debut in a lead role in a feature film. Jessie currently resides in Los Angeles.


Born in Vancouver, Canada, Tyler Dawson began doing local theater at a young age and transitioned into film and television as a teenager. In 2000, Tyler moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Midway through his studies he was diagnosed with a rare liver disease which forced him to return to Vancouver and eventually required a liver transplant. Dawson later wrote and performed a one man show about the experience called THE BROKEN ORGAN where he garnered much acclaim for his performance. Six months after the transplant, he returned to the Academy and served as a member from 2005-2006. Tyler appeared in Tarik Karam's short film THE RED VEIL. Evan saw Tyler in the play DEMON BOY AND SCORPION CITY and he was immediately cast for the role of Aiden in BELLFLOWER. Shortly after, Tyler was cast as a regular in the cult webseries BOSS OF THE GLORY and served as the host for the company STIM TV.

BELLFLOWER is his first lead role in a feature film. Tyler currently resides in Los Angeles.


Born in Detroit, Michigan, Rebekah Brandes grew up in Connecticut, Arizona, and Maryland before returning to Los Angeles at age 18. Rebekah graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts two years later. She followed up her training with a two year program at the Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown Meisner Institute.

She has appeared in guest roles on TV's CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS, GREEK and THE FORGOTTEN as well as a handful of indie horror flicks, including the award-winning MIDNIGHT MOVIE which she was nominated 'Best Actress' by the Chicago Horror Film Festival.

VINCENT GRASHAW (Producer / Editor / Mike)

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, over the last decade Vincent has written, directed, produced, and acted in several music videos, shorts, feature films, and commercials.

He won much acclaim for the award-winning horror film CALLOUS SENTIMENT which has screened in over a dozen festivals around the world. 'Callous' was a Top-10 Finalist in Kevin Spacey's Triggerstreet Film Festival in 2005, and it garnered distribution on two feature-length film compilation DVDs: "Festivals of Horror, Vol. 1" and "Visions of Horror, Vol. 1".

Vincent began working on projects with Evan Glodell after meeting him through in 2004. "I watched an outrageously insane short film Evan made and felt we should definitely be working together." Vincent intends to produce films for Evan Glodell under the Coatwolf banner, which has already begun development on a slate of feature films entitled TALES FROM THE APOCALYPSE.

Vincent's filmography also includes: director of the beloved Fijian language film ELIKI, which was also recently selected as a Top-10 Finalist in Kevin Spacey's Triggerstreet Film Festival in 2010; director of SAVANNA, a controversial piece that premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and won the 'Excellence in Film' award at the Accolade Film Competition. Currently, Vincent is slated to direct two feature films: COLDWATER, which is to star Ron Perlman (Hellboy / Sons of Anarchy), and the dark hitman drama ANATOMY.

JOEL HODGE (Director of Photography)

Determined to always "get the shot" when lensing a project, Joel Hodge has risked both life and limb in his pursuit to capture the unique look that sets Coatwolf apart from the mainstream. Working as director of photography, storyboard artist, camera operator!and editor,!his aesthetic contributions and his do-or-die attitude have made him an irreplaceable member of the Coatwolf team.

From the moment Joel discovered video cameras he started documenting the crazy adventures he and his friends encountered. As a teenager he started compiling this footage into a public access show, eventually shooting and editing a feature length film that became quite popular in the local community. Setting off across the country, he next combined his love of videography and dangerous antics by filming extreme sporting events for XSTV.

Joel Hodge and Evan Glodell met while working at Internet start-up company STIM TV, quickly becoming best friends and creative collaborators. They teamed up on many projects, from concept to completion, such as the web-based sitcom BOSS OF THE GLORY, EASTER A.D. and Cursive's "Let Me Up" music video. The duo also worked on the award-winning short film SAVANNA and the feature-length horror movie PLACEBO. Joel prides himself on mastering any new Coatwolf camera constructed by Glodell, a task which is very challenging and unconventional. It has become a long-standing dare for Glodell to create something that Joel can't handle.

BELLFLOWER marks Joel's debut as Director of Photography on a feature film.