Inside Out

Inside Out

Michael Rapaport as Jack and Paul "Triple H" Levesque as AJ in INSIDE OUT. Photo Credit: WWE Studios

Inside Out

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Inside Out (2011)

Opened: 09/09/2011 Limited/Nationwide

Quad Cinema/NYC09/09/2011 - 09/15/20117 days

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Genre: Crime Drama

Rated: PG-13 for violence and some language.


For the last thirteen years AJ (Triple H) has been behind bars, convicted of manslaughter for killing a man who intended to kill his best friend, Jack (Michael Rapaport) high-strung low-level mobster. Now released, AJ wants nothing more than to start a small business and live a life free of crime. Unfortunately, within hours of leaving prison, Jack involves AJ in an accidental shooting leaving a man dead.

When Jack's father, local mob boss Dr. Vic (Bruce Dern), hears the news he wants the mess cleaned up, and fast. Meanwhile, Martha (Julie White) an agent for the Louisiana Tax Board, has been investigating Dr. Vic for smuggling counterfeit cigarettes into Louisiana and determined to bring Jack and Dr. Vic down. With the authorities hot on his trail, Jack is now forced to skip town.

Dr. Vic's patience is wearing thin and he decides to take things into his own hands, looking for retribution. Well aware of Dr. Vic's violent past, AJ will stop at nothing to protect Jack's wife, Claire (Parker Posey), the woman he's always loved and her daughter Pepper (Juliette Goglia).

About the Story

According to Director Artie Mandelberg, "Inside Out" is an intricate love story "camouflaged and masked in all sorts of great stuff." It's best described as a love triangle "between three people who love each other, grew up together and still care about each other," says Mandelberg. AJ, Claire and Jack began their relationships with each other in high school. During this simpler time, Jack was AJ's best friend, AJ was Claire's beau, and all three individuals grew together as a family of comrades. "Claire hung out with these guys," explains Parker Posey, "and they both loved me and I loved both of them." Unfortunately, the serenity of their lives was sent into a flurry of disorder when AJ killed a man who had intended to kill Jack.

Having fast-forwarded past AJ's 13 years in prison, the audience witnesses the three characters' relationship as it appears today -- a blurry and skewed version of what was once a clear and uncomplicated bond. AJ's crime ultimately became the spark that ignited the implosion of a once solid foundation of camaraderie. In AJ's absence, Claire gravitated towards Jack. Posey explains that Claire "has been in love with AJ all along," despite eventually marrying Jack.

Once AJ is released from prison, the three individuals are reunited in what Pavone calls "an odd world." Pavone explains, "AJ and Jack were both in love with Claire, and Claire was in love with AJ who has been gone now for some 13 years. The dynamic of putting them all back together in the same place is extremely interesting in a great love story."

Although Claire is the focus of two men's affection, it's crucial to recognize the tension that exists between Jack and AJ. Their relationship is starkly different from the romantic ties that bind either man to Claire, however their friendship is still an important component of the love triangle. Bruce Dern illustrates the complex dynamic between the two characters as "kind of a love story between two guys that have an inability to hug each other." Dern continues, "They say one thing when their heart says something else, and they can't verbally commit to those things out loud to another guy."

Peeling back the layers of action, adventure, and dark humor, the core of "Inside Out" is revealed to be "a story about a bunch of lives intersecting, and how they all play out," as Triple H describes. With such an intertwined storyline that provides a sturdy foundation for an enthralling journey, Pavone credits character development for the film's ability to intrigue its audience. "It's a really interesting mix and a great character study in which you take fascinating people, put them in really odd situations, and then ground it into a reality we can relate to," says Pavone. "It's a window into that world that makes any character piece great."