War of the Arrows

War of the Arrows

A scene from WAR OF THE ARROWS, a film by Han-min Kim. Picture courtesy Lotte Entertainment. All rights reserved.

War of the Arrows

Photography Director:
Production Designer:
  • Jang Choon-Sub
  • Kim Tae-Seong
Production Sound:
  • Kang Bon-Sung
Production Company:

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War of the Arrows (2011)

Also Known As: Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon, Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon, Choejongbyungki Hwal

Opened: 09/30/2011 Limited

Theaters (17+)09/30/2011
CGV Cinemas09/30/2011 - 11/10/201142 days
AMC Empire 2510/07/2011 - 10/13/20117 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: South Korean Historical Action (Korean/Manchu w/English subtitles)

Rated: R for bloody violence.


The 'Manchu War of 1636' was a period in which nearly a half-million civilians of the Joseon Dynasty had been taken captive by the Qing Dynasty of China. The movie tells the story of a young master archer named Nam-Yi, who goes on a journey to save his only sister who is caught among the captive civilians.

Nam-Yi is branded a traitor, but also happens to be the best archer in the Joseon Dynasty. Having a life not worth living for, Nam-Yi's main desire is to keep his sister, Ja-In safe from any harm or strain. However, on the day of his sister's wedding, the villages of Joseon Korea are attacked by the Qing Dynasty of China. The village in which Nam-Yi and Ja-In live is in the path of invasion and Ja-In gets kidnapped by the elite troop (Niru) of Qing. In order to rescue his sister from Niru, he departs from his demolished village with a bow that his father had bequeathed upon him before dying. Disrupting his mission to save his sister is Jyu Shin-Ta, a fierce Qing warrior who leads the elite troop. They are relentless in their chase to bring down Nam-Yi, who has but one day to save his sister from slavery. As Nam-Yi finally gets a hold of his sister, Jyu Shin-Ta comes between them and a fierce battle between two of the finest warriors unfolds.

About the Movie

The first Korean "Bow Action" film will pierce your heart in 2011!

1 Second to spot the enemy

0.1 Second to aim at the enemy

0.01 second to pierce the heart

This is a story between Joseon Dynasty's master archer Nam-Yi, and Qing Dynasty's finest warrior Jyu Shin-Ta. Nam-Yi is on a mission to rescue his sister who has been taken captive by Qing Dynasty troops. In conflict with this plan is Jyu Shin-Ta, who tries to protect the Manchurian Prince from Nam-Yi, hell bent on retribution for his sisters kidnapping.

Nam-Yi uses an arrow that is only 1/3 of the traditional arrow size and weight, making it superior in velocity, force, and range. His arrows make it hard to detect the shooter's location, thus ideal for an ambush. On the other hand, Jyu Shin-Ta uses an arrow that is 24 times heavier than the traditional arrow, tearing apart targets with just one shot. Different features and actions that are performed by each bow will keep you on the edge of your seat with action that has never before been experienced in Korean film history.

Director Kim Han-min and art director Jang Chun-Sub, focused on creating bows that were completely functional on the battlefield thanks to the help of the Korean Archery Association. The actors also dedicated themselves to practicing and mastering archery throughout the freezing winter to perfect the bow action shown in the film, making the speedy and extravagant action sequences possible. The film attempts to portray and define what they call "The Bow Action" for the first time in Korea. "The Bow Action" that premieres in the film enhances the action sequences dynamically as well as heightens the spectacle of archery and is a new stepping stone for Korean cinematography.

Succeeding over Won Bin's THE MAN FROM NOWHERE in 2010, Park Haeil's WAR OF THE ARROWS hits straight to the top of the box office.

Last Summer, Won Bin stole the hearts of women worldwide in THE MAN FROM NOWHERE. This year, Park Hae-il is winning every woman's heart through his recent film, WAR OF THE ARROWS.

Park Hae-il sweeps you off your feet with his striking skills in archery!

THE MAN FROM NOWHERE became a nationwide sensation in Korea and across the globe through the "Won Bin Effect." Audiences and Won-Bin fans alike have been referring to the THE MAN FROM NOWHERE as, "the movie that detoxifies your eyes" and "the movie that you should never watch with your boyfriend." It garnered more than 6 million viewers and became the greatest hit in the Korean box office in 2010. But the man who is winning women's hearts this summer is the hero of WAR OF THE ARROWS, Park Hae-il. Park Hae-il plays Nam-Yi, who is willing to do everything in his power to save his sister. Although normally blunt and cold, he becomes a caring and passionate person when it comes to his sister. Although known to greatly portray delicate sentiment as seen in his previous films, Park Hae-il took his first leap into action after 10 years of his acting career. With an impressive ability to take on this action role, Park Hae-il's exuding charisma has garnered more than 7 million viewers in 6 weeks and is looking to be the highest box office of the year. Like the "Won Bin Effect" in 2010, we can surely expect to see a "Park Hae-il Effect" rage against all and pierce the heart of women around the world.

Kim Han-min and Park Hae-il collaborates once more in another hit since PARADISE 1986

In 2007, Kim Han-min was able to grab both commercial success and critical acclaim for his film, PARADISE 1986. Among the awards he received for the film were: The Rookie Director of the Year and the Best Screenplay at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Festival and the Arts Award from the 27th Korean Arts Critic Association. In 4 years time, Kim Han-min and Park Hae-il are back together for another surprise hit in Korean film history.

Director Kim Han-min, who has always wanted to make a historical piece, portrays the indomitable spirit of the Korean people overcoming hardships faced in their history. Park Hae-il was cast as the main protagonist from the beginning stages of pre-production. In the film, Nam-Yi has to conceal his true identity from the world as a descendent of a national traitor regardless of his superior skill in archery. As he is approached with the task of rescuing his only sister, Nam-Yi is forced to reveal his identity and enter the field of battle to save the day. During casting, Director Kim knew that Park Hae-il would be the ideal actor to portray this Robin Hood like character, Nam-Yi. As he has shown superior acting skills in his past films, THE HOST and MEMORIES OF MURDER, Park Hae-il does an extraordinary job in WAR OF THE ARROWS as the lead character.

Manchu: The dead language is revived in WAR OF THE ARROWS

During the planning stages of WAR OF THE ARROWS, Director Kim Han-min decided to introduce the Manchu language in order to portray a more realistic historical depiction of the 'Manchu War of 1636.' Even as a dead language in present day China, Manchu is used by only a handful of people today. Every single actor portrayed as a Manchurian had to take an extensive language course before production in order to accurately portray the Manchu language throughout the film. Due to constant practice and learning, the actors were able to speak Manchu at a level not seen since the actual days of the Qing Dynasty. The heavy, masculine tone that the Manchu language exudes is especially well carried out by actor, Ryoo Seung-yong who stars against Park Hae-il. The persistent efforts that both actors and film crew alike made to stay true to the Manchu language surely lends in favor of the film's overall depiction of this period in history. Not only will the incredible "Bow Arrow" action sequences impress audiences, the detailed quality of this historical drama will make you feel like you've just stepped back in time.