The Woman

The Woman

Pollyanna McIntosh stars in THE WOMAN, a film by Lucky McKee. Picture courtesy Moderncine. All rights reserved.

The Woman

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The Woman (2011)

Opened: 10/14/2011 Limited

AMC Empire 2510/14/2011 - 10/25/201112 days
Sunset 5/LA10/14/2011 - 10/20/20117 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Crime Horror

Rated: R for strong bloody violence, torture, a rape, disturbing behavior, some graphic nudity, and language.


The Woman is the last surviving member of a violent clan that has roamed the Northeast Coast for decades. When the last of her family is killed in a battle with the police, The Woman finds herself alone, severely wounded...and vulnerable. Unfortunately, she is now a far too easy prey for local hunter, successful country lawyer and seriously disturbed family man Christopher Cleek. With his twisted set of ideals, Cleek decides to embark upon a deranged project - to capture her and "civilize" The Woman - a decision that will soon threaten the lives of Cleek, his family and The Woman.

Director's Statement

The Woman is an exploration of the very definition of horror. It is designed to incite feelings of fear, shock, nervousness, dismay, anxiety and disgust. It is designed to make you question what it is to be civilized, what is is to be feral, and all the shades of grey in between.

The Woman is based on the upcoming novel by award-winning author Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee. Jack Ketchum is the pseudonym of infamous American horror author Dallas Mayr. Ketchum who has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his titles in the U.S. And throughout the world. His works have been translated into twelve languages and he is the recipient of four Bram Stocker Awards for fiction.

-- Lucky McKee