Fanny, Annie & Danny

Fanny, Annie & Danny

Jill Pixley as Fanny and Jonathan Leveck as Danny in FANNY, ANNIE & DANNY, a film by Chris Brown. Picture copyright 2010 and courtesy CB Films. All rights reserved.

Fanny, Annie & Danny

Executive Producer:
  • Raymond Brown
  • Judy Brown
  • Audrey Jackson
  • Jeff Baker
Photography Director:
Supervising Sound Editor:
Production Company:

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Fanny, Annie & Danny (2010/2011)

Opened: 12/09/2011 Limited

reRun Theater12/09/2011 - 12/15/20117 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Drama/Black Comedy

Rated: Unrated


Filmmaker Chris Brown has been compared to director John Cassavetes for his ability to peel back the skin of his characters in a way that feels both disturbingly intimate and deeply real. In Brown's latest, finely-crafted feature, Fanny, Annie & Danny are three troubled adult siblings brought together by their horrific mother for the Christmas holiday. Like just about everything in Brown's work, what seems commonplace on the surface becomes riveting in the details.

We first meet Fanny, an obsessive-compulsive who lives in a group home and works at a candy factory about to go bankrupt. Fanny brings this secret to the Christmas dinner, where she reconnects with her self-absorbed sister Annie and their too-perfect-to-trust brother Danny. Mother Edie hosts the party with an iron fist, insisting at an everincreasing pitch that everyone have fun. Their Vietnam vet father may act like his emotions died with his friends on the battlefield, but director Brown continually lets his audience glimpse the last few pulses of compassion the broken man has for those around him.

As with a storm building strength silently offshore, we sense the impending climax without knowing exactly when or where it will hit -- or how hard.

Press Quotes

"An indie masterpiece filled with tension, loathing, hysteria and laughter...I can't recommend it highly enough."

-- George Heymont, HUFFINGTON POST

"It's exciting to encounter the work of a filmmaker who isn't afraid to push buttons or challenge viewers but who isn't taking this stance simply to be antagonistic. Yes, I'd bet actual cold, hard cash that Fanny, Annie & Danny is more abrasive than anything you've seen in a long time, but it also happens to be a memorable micro-budget achievement that has a tender, excruciatingly funny heart." ( A Hammer To Nail Pick of the Week)


"Funny in a blackly comedic way...Brown and his very good cast nicely ratchet up the gallows-humor tension."

-- Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"Brown channels both Todd Solondz and John Cassavetes with his creepy suburban aesthetic...A Critics' Pick."


-"The conflicted-family Christmas reunion film to end them all...You'll laugh till you cry or vice versa."


"Under Chris Brown's direction, the ensemble cast of unknowns works the reunited-for-Christmas-dinner theme beautifully..."


"A host of fine performances distinguish this low-budget drama..."

-- New York Magazine

Director's Statement

"Fanny, Annie & Danny" was a story that more or less grabbed me by the throat and demanded to be told. A couple of years ago, I was working, laboring, on another screenplay, fully intending to shoot it. But a strange thing happened. The very moment I actually finished that script, these other, new characters began talking to me, nagging at me in that weird, semi-schizoid way that characters will speak to a writer. These characters, these people, were raw and beautiful and funny and mean and difficult, like the people I know and love, people who are hemmed in by circumstances, people who have to fight and claw and scratch every day for survival, for love, for stature, for money, for acceptance, for recognition. I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but these characters literally forced me to tell their story, forced me to shove aside this other script and give them life on the page and ultimately on the screen. A few months later we began shooting.

Someone recently remarked that he thought the film was about 'invisible people.' I think that this is a perfect phrase. So many movies are about other movies, known genres, wish-fulfillment, dead forms. Characters in movies are much too often two-dimensional ideas and cliches, props for the plot or excuses for fancy camerawork. The characters in Fanny, Annie & Danny are messy and wonderful and devastating and mean and kind and petty and vulnerable -- just like us."

-- Chris Brown, Filmmaker

Crew Biographies

Chris Brown (Writer/Director)

Chris has been producing award-winning films in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past decade. His previous films include Daughters ("Something as genuinely unpretentious as Chris Brown's debut feature seems an anomaly." -- VARIETY), Scared New World ("Solidly in the tradition of pioneer indie pics like Cassavetes' Shadows." -- VARIETY), Battleship Contempkin (" should check this film out if at all possible." -- FILM THREAT), Lost Cat ("Defies categorization...hilarious." - SF CHRONICLE), and the 2000 SFIFF Golden Gate Award winner, Office Furniture.

The Next Frontier, the PBS documentary Brown co-directed and edited, won a regional EMMY® award for BEST DOCUMENTARY in 2011. Fanny, Annie & Danny is his third feature.

Morgan Schmidt-Feng (Producer) Morgan is a Bay Area film industry legend. The son of pioneer indie filmmaker/author Rick Schmidt, Morgan has produced shorts, features, commercials and documentaries in the Bay Area for the last decade. As a commercial cinematographer and producer, he has shot for companies such as Tesla, Cargill/Dow, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and United Technologies Corporation. Clients like Lucasfilm, Pixar, Columbia Pictures, Interscope Records, Disney, and the Olympic Games have turned to Morgan for compelling behind-the-scenes and documentary-style footage.

Morgan's work was included on the Star Wars Episode 2 DVD and rapper 50 Cent's music video for the song Heat, and is featured on DVD releases of Star Wars Episode 3, Columbia Pictures' Rent, Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 10th Anniversary, and Pixar's Cars. His work has screened at film festivals such as Sundance, New Directors/New Films NY, the Berlin International Film Festival, and the Mill Valley Film Festival. Fanny, Annie & Danny will be Chris and Morgan's 4th collaboration in 10 years.

Andre Fenley (Sound Editor)

A member of the Skywalker Sound team since the 1990s, Andre has worked on the soundtrack to some of the most successful and sonically brilliant films of the past 15 years, including Iron Man, Minority Report, Munich, AI, Fight Club and Jurassic Park. Andre and Chris have collaborated on many film projects together over the years.