A scene from 16-LOVE, a film directed by Adam Lipsius. Picture courtesy Uptown 6 Productions. All rights reserved.

16-Love (2012)

Opened: 01/20/2012 Limited

Limited (10+)01/20/2012

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Genre: Family Romantic Comedy

Rated: PG for mild thematic elements and brief innuendo.


Ally Mash may be 16 years old, but in tennis she's, like, 50. She puts in more hours on the court than she does off it -- her world exists between the carefully painted white lines of Junior Tennis.

Farrell Gambles would rather play tennis on the Wii than in real life. But they don't give outcollege scholarships for Wii tennis (at least not yet). Farrell lives in the real world. The one where some day you have to put down the remote and get a job.

As cute as he may be, Farrell barely registers on tennis champion Ally's radar gun. He's too slow. Too lazy. Too... unpredictable. She has tournaments to win. She's going pro soon. She doesn't have time to mess around with boys and their teenage friends in their teenage world.

But in a twist of fate, or rather a twist of ankle, Ally finds herself with plenty of time. Time to worry about Katina, the tennis STAR from Russia who was beating Ally when she hurt her ankle. Time to go through her hard-driving former tennis champion Dad's rehab schedule of physical therapy and psychotherapy and aromatherapy or whatever it is he wants her to do.

And time, lots of time, to coach none other than goof-off Farrell Gambles in his quest to qualify for the upcoming Open and secure a college scholarship.

Of course, Katina, Ally's Dad and that annoyingly good looking and nicer than she thought and FUN Farrell Gambles are all, in their own ways, keep Ally from what she always thought she wanted but isn't sure she's good enough to get anymore --- a slot on the pro tennis tour. Ally pours herself into training Farrell and learns along the way, in between all the killer workouts and endless drills, that the world he lives in with malls and friends and proms and this amazing forbidden food she's never been allowed to eat before, "ice cream," is amazing.

It's a world where tennis is something --- not everything. And it's a world where maybe you can forget for awhile that everyone is counting on you to be number one. All the time. Forever.

Just when Ally thinks she's got it all figured out. Just when she's managed to successfully avoid all her rehabilitation appointments and convince herself that her ankle may never be the same again, Farrell kisses Katina Upranova. Or maybe Katina kissed Farrell. Or maybe nothing really happened at all, but when your life is turning upside down and you no longer know what you want, seeing the boy you may or may not like kiss the girl you know you hate can only send you totally off the deep end. Which is where Ally promptly dives, taking to teenage life like a lame duck to water and partying when she should be practicing and abandoning Farrell on the eve of his championship match. The one that will get him to the Open. The one that he loses.

Of course, it was all a misunderstanding. If Farrell was going to do any kissing, it wasn't going to be with an evil tennis diva. And if Ally's going to make things right, she's going to have to take a page from Farrell's playbook. She's going to have to be --- unpredictable. She'll play in the Singles Tournament for her future and for her Dad. And she'll play in the Mixed Doubles Tournament for Farrell and his scholarship. And she'll win both, coming out of it with two trophies, a kiss from Farrell and a new understanding with her father. And maybe she'll go to college before she goes pro and have a life where she can play tennis and eat ice cream and kiss cute boys even if their serves aren't always perfect. Maybe she'll have tennis and a life.

Cast Biographies

Lindsey Shaw (Ally Mash)

Lindsey Shaw star of Nickelodeon's "Ned's De-Classified Survival Guide," the CW's "Aliens in America" and most recently ABC Family's "10 Things I Hate About You," is playing Ally Mash in 16-Love.

Chandler Massey (Farrell Gambles)

Chandler Massey just took over the role of Will Horton in NBC's 45-year hit, "Days of Our Lives." Named Soapnet's "Performer of the Week," this week (April 9th ) for his break-through performances, Chandler has also been seen in network hits, "One Tree Hill," "Army Wives," and "Eastbound and Down."

Susie Abromeit (Katina Upranova)

Susie was ranked 6th in the country for junior tennis and played varsity tennis at Duke University where she was on the Dean's List and Honor Roll. Susie has appeared on "One Tree Hill," "As the World Turns" and the recent feature film, "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell."

Keith Coulouris (Dave Mash)

Keith Coulouris is best known for his recurring role on "The Young and the Restless" for many years. But in addition to many parts on the small screen and large, he met the director years ago while starring in his graduate thesis film, "4? (Four Degrees)."

Alexandra Paul (Margo Mash)

Alexandra Paul is known for her long-running role on Baywatch and for her advocacy work featured in the documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car," and is playing Ally's mom in 16-Love.

Lindsey Black (Rebecca Fisher)

Lindsey starred in Disney's "As the Bell Turns" and is lighting up the screen in her portrayal of Rebecca.

Steven Christopher Parker (Stuart)

Steven Christopher Parker booked his first big role at the age of 15 a lead in a 20th Century Fox film called "Rebound," playing the role of a nerdy band geek named Wes Borcher. Over the next several years Steven would book roles in 15 television commercials, 17 feature films, several guest star roles on popular television shows, including a series regular role on an ABC pilot in 2005. His most notable credits include cameos in Fox Searchlight's "Juno," and Dreamworks' "Blades of Glory." Most recently he had a recurring role, playing Dr. Harold Zelinsky on NBC's "ER."

Mark Elias (Nate)

Mark Elias was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and continue honing his craft at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. He quickly landed lead roles in a number of independent films including "Pushing Out Katherine" (2004 Valley Film Festival winner) and "Cutting Room" opposite Elizabeth Dailey (2006 Milan Film Fesitval 2-award winner). He also acted in the independent film "Reversion" which appeared in Sundance 2008 (as well as a number of other festivals) and "Basement Jack" (2008 Terror Film Festival 4-award winner).

Crew Biographies

Leigh Dunlap (Writer)

Leigh is a native Southern Californian and graduate of the USC School of Cinema-Television. She wrote the screenplay for the hit Hilary Duff film "A Cinderella Story." She has also written "Camp Rockaway" for Sony Pictures and producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher and "Spy Girls", based on the popular teen book series, for producer Lawrence Bender. Along with "16-Love", Leigh is currently working on "Always the Bridesmaid" with producers Ilyssa Goodman ("A Cinderella Story", "16-Love") and Julie Richardson ("Collateral"), "High Heels in Paris" with producer Melissa Weichmann ("The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"), two television pilots and a young adult novel.

Ilyssa Goodman (Producer)

Ilyssa Goodman has more than fifteen years experience as a studio and broadcast executive, and has produced a number of high-profile motion pictures and television series. Most notable among them is Warner Bros.' A Cinderella Story, starring Hillary Duff and the sequel, Another Cinderella Story with teen star Selena Gomez. Recently, Ilyssa entered into a deal with Universal Studios to produce the big screen adaptation of the popular children's book Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. In television, Ilyssa executive produced and co-created the teen reality series Moolah Beach for Fox and created the reality-based game show, Mall or Nothing for the E! Channel. Ilyssa Goodman began her career with Miramax Films in NY before heading to Los Angeles for a development post with Universal Studios. Ilyssa transitioned into television as Vice President of Filmed Entertainment for Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment where she oversaw the development, production and distribution of dozens of highly rated network television movies and several award-winning original films. Ilyssa left BWE for a position with the Animal Planet Network in development and production on several of the specialty network's original movies and television series. Additionally, Ilyssa held a post with a branch of the Canadian government to arrange international co-productions. Ilyssa is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including The Heartland Film Festivals' Crystal Heart Award, the Audience Award from The Santa Barbara International Film Festival and The Best Children's Film Award from The Breckenridge Festival of Film.

Adam Lipsius (Producer/Director)

Adam Lipsius is an award-winning film and commercial director. He attended Dartmouth College and USC's Graduate School of Cinema-Television and has studied with Howard Fine and Judith Weston.

His commercial clients include Little Tikes, Bratz, OxiClean, Kaboom, the Democratic National Committee, Blox, Kiboo, Voots, Mix 1 and Teatulia with many brand launches and broadcast successes to his credit. He launched his film career in post-production in New York, working under directors including Martin Scorsese on "Kundun" and "Bringing Out the Dead," Barry Sonnenfeld on "Men in Black," Ang Lee on "Ride with the Devil," James Mangold on "CopLand" and many others.

His graduate school short films, "At A Loss...," "A Modest Proposal" and "4? (Four Degrees)" have played dozens of festivals, including the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Philadelphia Film Festival, the Aarhus (Denmark) Film Festival, the Carolina Film Festival and many others. In addition to "16-Love", Lipsius is developing "Knox Chase on the Case," with Sean Covel (producer of "Napoleon Dynamite") which Adam is writing and will direct.

He has taught Acting for the Camera and Shooting Action at the University of Colorado - Denver and formerly taught Film/Video Production and Media Aesthetics at Long Island University in Brooklyn.

He recently completed executive producing and directing three episodes of "Americana" an American Public Television series for Maryland Public Television. And his USC thesis film "Four Degrees" was just released on DVD by Alluvial Filmworks in their "First Out 3" collection.

As a writer, his works have been produced off-off-Broadway and on the Internet by Warner Bros.' www.entertaindom.com kids web-site. He won 2 Telly Awards for his commercial work in 2009, a Psoriasis Cure Now commercial contest in 2008, Best Comedy in 2006 at the Action on Film Festival for "A Modest Proposal" and a Film/Fiction Award from the Institute for Humane Studies for "Four Degrees." In 2003, he received a scholarship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and won a grant from the Telluride Film Festival. In 2001, he attended the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences College Faculty Symposium, and in 1998 he was nominated for a Golden Reel for his work on "Men in Black."

Alan Caso, ASC (Director Of Photography)

Alan Caso has agreed to shoot "16-Love"has been nominated for 4 Emmy Awards and 3 ASC Awards, with a win for his TNT original production, "George Wallace," Alan Caso is a DP widely celebrated for his work in feature films, premium cable and network television. Perhaps best known for HBO's "Six Feet Under," which he shot for its first four seasons, Alan has shot major studio features, including "Reindeer Games," starring Charlize Theron and Ben Affleck, "Ed," starring Matt LeBlanc and "First Sunday," starring Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan. On television he's currently shooting NBC Universal's multi-camera series, "Trauma" starring Derek Luke. His past network and cable credits include, "Journeyman," "Big Love," "Lie To Me," "Nurse Jackie," and made for TV movies including "Lonesome Dove," "Commanche Moon," "Librarian: Quest for the Spear," and "Running Mates."

Linda Phillips-Palo (Casting Director)

Linda Phillips-Palo, a casting director with over thirty years experience is casting all principal and supporting roles for "16-Love" She worked with George and Sofia Coppola on several major films, including "Jack," "The Rainmaker" and "The Virgin Suicides," for which she won a 2000 Artios Award for Best Casting of an Independent Feature. Other major credits include "Radioland Murder," "Death and Texas," "Casualties," "Gun Shy," "The Secret Garden" and "Me and You and Everyone We Know." Her children's credits include "Ginger Snaps" and "The Young Black Stallion."

Linda Appel Lipsius (Executive Producer)

Linda Appel Lipsius brings over a dozen years experience in international marketing to the 16-Love Team, as well as being Adam Lipsius' partner in Uptown 6. As Vice President International of OrangeGlo Europe and Asia, she launched category leading OxiClean, Kaboom and OrangeGlo in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and Mexico. On the company's board of directors, she was involved with marketing efforts across the spectrum from direct-response and traditional consumer :30s to product placement and brand integration with films including "Matchstick Men" and "Life or Something Like It." When the business was sold to Church & Dwight in 2006, Appel Lipsius launched an organic tea business called Teatulia which is currently sold in Whole Foods and is growing by 1000% a year. She began her career as a Project Manager at Young & Rubicam where Appel Lipsius launched numerous leading pharmaceuticals, including Tamiflu and Rocephin. She earned her BA from Columbia University in the City of New York and her MBA from New York University.

Noor Ahmed (Executive Producer)

Noor is the son of Pakistani immigrants who came to this country in the mid 70s and was the first person born in the U.S. in his family. He began his career in Ohio working as a production coordinator on commercials. Before leaving for LA, he worked on the indie feature "Blue Car" which premiered at the Sundance film fest a was released by Miramax. After moving from Ohio, Noor began work at New Line Cinema working on various productions including "Son of the Mask," "Freddy Vs. Jason", and "Dumb and Dumber 2". Following his work at New Line, Noor worked as associate producer on the PBS documentary "California and the American Dream", which was a four part series on the history of California that had a national broadcast in the U.S. After leaving PBS, Noor began work for the new distribution company Roadside Attractions, which partnered with Samuel Goldwyn Films. During that year he traveled to various film festivals working as acquisitions coordinator. During his time there the company acquired several high level indie films including "Supersize Me" and "What the Bleep Do you Know." Noor left Roadside Attractions to join Reder & Feig where he worked with the firm as production counsel on various indie films including Thank You For Smoking, La Misma Luna, Brick, Southland Tales, The Lookout, and other indie features (full list on imdb). Noor is currently with Reder & Feig and heads up their sales & packaging division as their in house producer rep