Fight Life

Fight Life

A scene from FIGHT LIFE, a film by James Z. Feng. Picture courtesy RiLL Films. All rights reserved.

Fight Life (2012)

Opened: 01/20/2012 Limited

World Premiere01/20/2012 - 01/20/20121 day
LA Premiere05/17/2012 - 05/17/20121 day

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Genre: Sports Documentary

Rated: Unrated


Starring different fighters in different points in their careers, Fight Life brings you a spectrum of different point of views in the fight game. From the 15 long minutes inside the cage to the countless hours in the gym, this new profession of mixed-martial arts has finally flourished into mainstream America. The evolution of the sport within the last ten years from an underground sport to Spike TV and CBS has surprised all nay-sayers who a decade ago said the sport would never survive 2000. Along with this new sport comes the lifestyle of professional fighters who are paving the way for the next big thing.

"Highest of high, lowest of lows" a fighter once told me about the sport of MMA. In the spirit of capturing this new modern phenomenon, Fight Life chronicles the early struggles of the sport of MMA through the lives of our selected fighters. Focusing on our three main protagonists' lives both inside and outside of the ring, we offer the behind the scenes view of both the triumphant and inglorious times the fighters go through in their daily lives. From the moment of victory every fighter is chasing after, to the devastating knockout in defeat, we follow these fighters during their journey chasing a dream few dare.