Margo Martindale as Janice Trimble in SCALENE, a film by Zack Parker. Picture courtesy Along The Tracks Productions. All rights reserved.


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Scalene (2011/2012)

Opened: 01/20/2012 Limited

reRun Theater01/20/2012 - 01/26/20127 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Thriller

Rated: Unrated

"Ms. Martindale tears through the film like a homely avenger. If Oscar ever deigned to glance outside the multiplex, Meryl Streep would be toast." -- The New York Times

"Strong performances and a Hitchock-trained eye build unnerving tension" -- The Village Voice


Told from three points-of-view, SCALENE is a perceptual thriller that revolves around a mother's revenge after her mentally-challenged son is accused of a sexual assault by his student caretaker. This critically-acclaimed independent film has been applauded for its strong performances, gripping storyline, and unique structure that takes audiences on a movie-watching experience they have never had before.

SCALENE will have its New York City Theatrical Premiere at the reRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn, NY. The film will run for one week only from January 20th - 26th and will include special appearances by actors Margo Martindale and Adam Scarimbolo, as well as writer / director / producer Zack Parker and Producer Carlos Jimenez Flores.

Noted Festival Screenings

Dances With Films

  • Grand Jury Award - Best Feature

Cincinnati Film Festival

  • Best Feature
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay (Runner-up)

Cast Biographies

Margo Martindale (Janice)

Recently named "One of our finest character actresses" by PEOPLE Magazine, Margo Martindale was born in Jacksonville, Texas. Always a busy actress, she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Play, for her Broadway debut performance, as Big Mama in a 2004 revival of Tennessee Williams' CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF opposite Ashley Judd, Jason Patric and Ned Beatty, for which she earned rave reviews.

Having acquired nearly 80 Film & Television credits, Margo has been seen and featured in such iconic productions as DAYS OF THUNDER, DEAD MAN WALKING, LORENZO'S OIL, RIDE WITH THE DEVIL, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, SECRETARIAT, and recently won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Mags Bennett on the hit F/X series JUSTIFIED.

Hanna Hall (Paige)

Hanna won the hearts of moviegoers around the world at ten years old, with her gentle portrayal of Jenny, the febrile young abuse victim who grows up into the title character's friend and lover (Robin Wright Penn), in Robert Zemeckis' modern classic FORREST GUMP. Hall returned to cinema under the aegis of Sofia Coppola for her poignant big-screen directorial debut, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. The actress achieved her next major coup in 2007, when she played Judith Myers, the ill-fated teenage sister of psychopath Michael Myers, in Rob Zombie's horror remake HALLOWEEN.

Adam Scarimbolo (Jakob)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Adam Scarimbolo began acting at the early age of fourteen, and is quickly becoming a regular on the indie film scene. Best known for portraying the tortured Guiseppe in the Sundance smash A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS, Adam went on to win Best Actor at Spain's 2006 Gijon International Film Festival and Best Esemble at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Adam's credits include CHAPTER 27, LYMELIFE, and most recently STAKE LAND.

Crew Biographies

Zack Parker (Writer/Producer/Director)

A native of the Midwest, Zack Parker is originally from Richmond, Indiana where he began making films at age 11. Acquiring a deep passion and interest in film as he grew, Zack went on to study filmmaking at Ball State University in Muncie, IN and later at UCLA. INEXCHANGE marked the feature directorial debut for Parker in 2006, a film that went on to much critical acclaim in the horror world, including such horror staples as Fangoria Magazine and

After a successful run at several festivals, Zack's second feature, QUENCH, was released in 2008 by Vanguard Cinema. Again garnering much critical praise, the film was named "One of the Best Films of the Year!" by Rogue Cinema. Parker has recently completed his third feature, SCALENE, a perceptual thriller that was once again filmed in Parker's native Indiana.

Carlos Jimenez Flores (Producer)

Founder, President and CEO of Kachi Films. Carlos was Co-Executive Producer of the feature film, FAST LANE, released in 2009, a straight-to-DVD project written and directed by David Betances, starring Steven Bauer (SCARFACE, TRAFFIC), Anthony Ray Parker (MATRIX), Olivia Brown (MIAMI VICE), Melina Lizette and Kenyetta Lethridge. Earlier this year, he Co-Produced the feature film, PENDEJO (IDIOT): starring Danny Trejo (MACHETE, HEAT, DESPERADO), Fernanda Romero and Raja Fenske. The film is slated for an early 2012 release. Kachi Films is currently in development and pre-production on three features set to begin production in 2012.

Jim Timperman (Director of Photography)

Jim began his career at the age of 12 when a movie production company came to his hometown in Indiana to make a film. Jim followed the camera crew everywhere since they were the ones most interesting to be around. On occasion the D.P. or the camera operator would lift Jim up so that he could look through the eyepiece and give final approval on the composition. Jim has gone on to shoot over 25 Feature films on 16mm, super 16mm, 35 mm, and recently HD. He has done hundreds of commercials, including the 2009 Winner of the "Doritos Crash The Super Bowl" contest. He is always ready to stretch for new heights, and enjoys working for Directors of vision.

The Newton Brothers (Composers)

Andy Grush & Taylor Stewart have been making music since they were kids. Both raised on Opera, radio and movies The Newton Brothers find influence from greats such as, Puccini, Kraftwerk and Erich Korngold. Their musical passion combined with their knowledge of classical music and electronic technology allows them to build collages of sound from broken glass, detuned Steinways and an orchestra of angelic choirs. The two have contributed score to such films as BABEL, THE DAVINCI CODE, MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, RULES OF ATTRACTION, QUENCH, and INEXCHANGE.