American Animal

American Animal

A scene from AMERICAN ANIMAL, a film by Matt D'Elia. Picture courtesy American Moving Pictures. All rights reserved.

American Animal

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American Animal (2011/2012)

Opened: 05/18/2012 Limited

Village East05/18/2012 - 05/31/201214 days
Playhouse 706/01/2012 - 06/07/20127 days
Downtown Indep...06/01/2012 - 06/07/20127 days

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Genre: Dark Comedy

Rated: Unrated


Jimmy is a terminally ill young man. He is also quite eccentric, bordering on plain old crazy, and starting today he has decided that he is 'happy' and no longer sick. Jimmy's roommate James is a healthy, dreamy young man. They're best friends. They live together. They don't do much of anything and they seem very happy that way. Today, they have a couple of female friends over to their downtown Los Angeles loft for just another day of drinks, drugs, board games and casual sex, among other things. All seems well. But trouble arises when it gets revealed that James will be leaving for a new job in the morning. Jimmy, feeling betrayed, is not pleased by this development. He sees it as nothing short of the destruction of the perfect little world that they've set up, and a humorous battle of wills ensues as James prepares for the real world and Jimmy falls deeper and deeper into his world of illness, isolation, and make-believe.

Cast Biographies

Matt D'Elia (Jimmy)

This is Matt's debut acting performance, and perhaps his last. He only acted in AMERICAN ANIMAL because he couldn't get a great and famous actor like Ryan Gosling to play Jimmy. However, Matt still thinks Ryan Gosling would have been good as Jimmy, and would love to work with him someday.

Matt was born in New Jersey, but moved with his family to Los Angeles midway through his childhood. He studied Film at New York University and has been working in Hollywood since graduation, solely behind the camera.

Matt also wrote, directed, produced, and edited AMERICAN ANIMAL.

Brendan Fletcher (James)

One of Canada's hottest stars; Brendan Fletcher burst into the scene in 1996 at the young age of 13 and hasn't looked back since.

Recent feature films include the Terry Gilliam flick, Tideland, 88 Minutes, with Al Pacino, and the indie comedy, The Onion Movie, based on material from the satirical website.

Brendan was most recently seen on Steven Spielberg's The Pacific (HBO) where he shined as Private First Class Bill Leyden. The Pacific was awarded 8 Emmy's and was nominated in 24 categories.

Brendan was also seen as a guest star on Globals's Shattered, The CW's Supernatural, and was featured in a recurring role on the hit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Brendan was born and raised in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He now currently makes his home in the heart of Hollywood North; Vancouver, Canada.

Mircea Monroe (Blonde Angela)

Raised in the Solomon Islands and Fiji, this beauty has quickly become one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars. Mircea first showcased her acting skills in the theater, but quickly moved on to the big and small screens where she has proven to be as versatile as she is beautiful, having earned starring roles in comedies, dramas, action, and genre pictures.

In her first year in Hollywood, Monroe garnered breakout parts in films, including "The Code" opposite John Cusack and Morgan Freeman for director Bruce Beresford, Fox's "The Ultimate Gift" opposite Abigail Breslin, and the title role in the sports-themed drama, "Fast Girl."

Last year we saw Monroe's career explode even further with six movies released, including starring roles in the comedy "Finding Bliss" opposite Leelee Sobieski and Jamie Kennedy, and the horror-flick "Growth" directed by Gabriel Cowan.

Monroe is just as recognizable on the small screen, having starred as the winsome "Ellie Laird" on Fox's high-octane series "Drive" and as "Virginia", a mysterious woman with a deadly secret in the first installment of NBC's highly anticipated horror anthology series "Fear Itself." In addition are countless guest-star appearances including "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", "Miami Trauma", "Scrubs", "Sons of Anarchy" and most recently in sketches on "The Late Show with Conan O'Brien".

She can currently be seen as series regular Morning Randolph on Showtime's hit comedy series "Episodes", starring opposite Matt Leblanc.

Monroe currently lives in Los Angeles.

Angela Sarafyan (Not Blonde Angela)

Angela Sarafyan is an American actress of Armenian descent. She has played guest-star roles in several television series such as "Judging Amy" (2000), "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (2002), "The Shield" (2004), "24" (2006), "CSI:NY" (2006), "Cold Case" (2007), "The Mentalist" (2008) and"Eastwick" (2009).

She has also acted in several feature film productions: "On The Doll" (2007), "Kabluey" with Lisa Kudrow and Teri Garr, "The Informers" (2008) opposite Billy Bob Thornton and Mikey Rourke, and as the lead role in the indie "A Beautiful Life" (2008).

Angela had a recurring role in the currently running USA Network series "In Plain Sight", and she has recently joined the cast of "The Good Guys". Her role is the offbeat and socially awkward Samantha Evans.

She is currently filming the final two installments of the Twilight series - TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN, Parts 1 & 2 - playing the role of Tia, a prominent member of the Egyptian coven.