Free Men

Free Men

A scene from FREE MEN, a film by Ismael Ferroukhi. Picture courtesy Film Movement.

Free Men (2011/2012)

Also Known As: Free Man, Les Hommes Libres

Opened: 03/16/2012 Limited

Quad Cinema/NYC03/16/2012 - 04/05/201221 days
Lincoln Plaza03/16/2012 - 04/05/201221 days
The Nuart03/23/2012 - 03/29/20127 days
Kendall Square...03/23/2012 - 03/29/20127 days
NoHo 703/31/2012 - 04/01/20122 days
Playhouse 703/31/2012 - 04/01/20122 days

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Genre: French War Drama (French w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated


1942, in German-occupied Paris. Younes, a young unemployed Algerian, earns his living as a black marketeer. Arrested by the French police but given a chance to avoid jail, Younes agrees to spy on the Paris Mosque. The police suspects the Mosque authorities, among which its rector Ben Ghabrit (played by Michael Lonsdale), of aiding Muslim Resistance agents, as well as helping North African Jews, by giving them false certificates. At the Mosque, Younes meets the Algerian singer Salim Halali, and is moved by Salim's beautiful voice and strong personality. A deep friendship develops, and soon after Younes discovers that Salim is Jewish. In spite of the risks it entails, Younes stops collaborating with the police, and gradually develops from being a politically ignorant immigrant worker into a fully-fledged freedom fighter.

Biography of Ismael Ferroukhi, Director

He was born in Kenitra, Morocco. After directing his first short film, L'Expose, in 1992, he co-wrote the script for Cedric Kahn's feature film Trop de Bonheur (1994). In 1995, he wrote and directed the short film L'Inconnu, which was part of the triptych "Court-toujours" produced for Canal Plus/Arte. He has also directed two films for television, Akim (1997) and Petit Ben (1998). Le Grand Voyage (2004) was his first feature film. He then directed a short film, La Paire De Chaussure and devoted his time to his second feature film : FREE MEN.