No Room for Rockstars

No Room for Rockstars

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No Room for Rockstars (2011/2012)

Opened: 03/01/2012 Limited

National03/01/2012 - 03/01/20121 day

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Genre: Music Documentary

Rated: Unrated


For 17 years, the Vans Warped Tour has been a punk rock juggernaut, a misfit circus criss-crossing North America every summer as a wondering minstrel show for youth culture. Embracing a powerful, unifying ethic created by its founder Kevin Lyman, the Vans Warped Tour has grown and prospered as the music industry itself imploded and continues to sift through the rubble in search of a new way forward. Along the way, Warped has provided a launching pad for a dizzying array of talent, from Green Day and Blink 182 to Ice-T, Eminem and No Doubt, along with perennial punk legends such as Pennywise, All, Bouncing Souls and Bad Religion.

With more than 300 hours of film shot during the 2010 tour, No Room For Rock Stars documents the true stories of modern era rock and roll from every possible angle. From the kids in the van playing parking lots to gain notice, to the veteran stage manager whose life was saved by the tour, to the musician who crosses over to mainstream success while on the road, No Room For Rock Stars is Cinema Verite story-telling at its finest. A historical retrospective or concert film this is not. No Room For Rock Stars is meaningful insight into current state of rock and roll and the zeitgeist of youth culture.

Accompanying the film will be a blazing soundtrack of songs from the movie as well as Vans Warped Tour all-time greatest hits. The project will also have a significant library of bonus content, some of which will be featured on the No Room For Rock Stars mini-site at and From the team that brought you the highly acclaimed Dogtown and Z-Boys, No Room For Rock Stars will resonate beyond tour and punk rock fans to anyone seeking out the true stories of rock and roll.

About the Filmmakers

Agi Orsi (Producer)

Under her production banner AOP, Agi Orsi has acquired a strong reputation as a producer of award-winning adventure documentaries including Dogtown and Z-Boys, Riding Giants, Pipeline Masters, Amazing Journey; Story of the Who, and the socially oriented Lost Angels about the skid row community. Orsi's studio projects include Cowboys Are My Weakness, based on Pam Houston's book, a re-make of Broken Silence set up at New Regency/Fox studios, and Captain Zero based on the book by Allan Weisbecker with Radar Pictures producing to be released in 2012.

Stacy Peralta (Producer)

Stacy Peralta was born in Los Angeles County, CA. He grew up on the water as a surfer and at 16 years of age became a sponsored skateboarder and original Z-Boy on the Zephyr Skateboard Team. By 18 years of age Stacy had become one of the world's top professional skaters and the first skater in history to be paid money by a shoe company; Vans. Then in 1978 he and George Powell began Powell-Peralta skateboards where Stacy created the legendary team; the Bones Brigade, featuring world-renowned skaters like Tony Hawk. In 1984 Peralta produced and directed the world's first action sports video; the Bones Brigade Video Show. This would follow with ten more videos, and in 1991, he left the skateboarding world to begin directing films full time. His first feature documentary was "Dogtown and Z-boys," which won the audience and best director awards at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. Four years later he was back at Sundance with his big wave feature; "Riding Giants," both films of which attained international releases. His last film was; "Crips and Bloods, Made in America."

Parris Patton (Director / Editor)

Parris Patton began work in Hollywood editing music videos and long forms for The Eagles, Foreigner and Shakira among many others. In 1995 he was hired by Prince and moved to Minneapolis to head Paisley Park"s film division where he produced, directed and edited several concert films, documentaries and music videos. Upon returning to Hollywood, Parris began his own documentary, "Creature," which premiered on HBO to such success that HBO hired him to make a sequel.

Parris has recently collaborated with the Oscar winning team at Diamond Docs on two feature length documentaries "Amazing Journey: Story Of The Who," and "The Real Revolutionaries".

Cecy Rangel (Co-Producer)

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cecy came to the United States to pursue a career in filmmaking and has since found a home in independent documentary. Her effervescent and driven personality has led her to enjoy success on a string of prestigious feature documentaries, which she co-produced with Agi Orsi, such as: "Riding Giants" Official Selection, Audience Award winner and festival opener of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, "Once In A Lifetime - The Extraordinary Story of the N.Y. Cosmos," "Pipeline Masters," and "Amazing Journey: The Story of Who." As a solo producer, Cecy made her debut with the film "The Achievers: The Story of The Lebowski Fans." Most recently, Cecy had the honor of co-producing the important social film "Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home."

Joshua Altman (Editor)

Joshua Altman graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Film & Video and is currently an editor based in Venice, CA. He's edited three feature length documentaries, two of which competed at Sundance. We Live In Public took home the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2009, and The Tillman Story competed in 2010 and was on the 2011 Oscar short list for the "Best Documentary" award. In addition, Joshua's work on We Live In Public garnered a nomination by The Cinema Eye Honors for 'Outstanding Achievement in Editing.' He has also edited numerous non-scripted television shows for CBS, NBC, FOX, Discovery, VH1, and Bravo.

Josh Salzman (Director of Photography)

Josh Salzman made his mark in 2005 with the award-winning documentary "Time & Tide." Shot and co-directed with his wife and collaborator, Julie Bayer, the film played festivals worldwide, airs annually on PBS, and continues to screen in conjunction with environmental awareness events.

Josh now bounces back and forth between the commercial and documentary worlds. He has lensed successful commercial campaigns for Ford, Bank of America, Pepsi, Intel, Sprint, and Nokia, among others. He shoots regularly for acclaimed filmmakers Stacy Peralta ("Dogtown and Z-Boys", "Riding Giants"), Steve James ("Hoop Dreams", "The Interrupters") and Jessica Yu ("In the Realms of the Unreal, "Last Call at the Oasis").