California, 90420

California, 90420

A scene from CALIFORNIA, 90420, a film by Dean Shull. Picture courtesy New Coast Productions. All rights reserved.

California, 90420

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California, 90420 (2012)

Opened: 04/20/2012 Limited

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Genre: Documentary

Rated: Unrated


Directed by one of the guys that brought you the hit comedy WAITING... starring Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long, 90420 is a character-driven, informational comedy about real people; and a glimpse into the world of weed through the eyes of Cannabis College Students and Oaksterdam University's Chancellor and Prop 19 Spokeswoman, Dale Sky Jones.


Oaksterdam University Was Recently Raided by Federal Agents

Each year, marijuana enthusiasts and activists around the country gather to celebrate 4/20 as a holiday. This year, a new documentary entitled CALIFORNIA, 90420 will be released on 4/20/12 in over 50 theaters nationwide, making it one the widest theatrical releases ever for a marijuana-related documentary.

90420 focuses on the rapidly open and growing marijuana trade in the State of California, which is setting precedent for the rest of the nation. The film explores the burgeoning 'above ground' industry through the eyes of four, 20-something characters whose real lives are caught up in the changing green landscape. This groundbreaking feature documentary is directed by Dean Shull, one of the guys that brought you the hit comedy, WAITING...

The release of CALIFORNIA, 90420 could not be timelier, and not just because of the upcoming annual national celebration day of marijuana on April 20th. The film follows faculty and students at California's Oaksterdam University, the nation's first college to prepare students for careers in the ever changing marijuana industry and the epicenter of legalization efforts in California. Last Monday, federal agents from the DEA and IRS raided Oaksterdam University as well as the home of Oaksterdam University Founder, Richard Lee. Although medical marijuana is legal in California, it is still prohibited under federal law, leaving Oaksterdam in a precarious legal limbo.

With Oaksterdam University now the subject of intense media scrutiny, CALIFORNIA, 90420 offers viewers a unique, unfiltered perspective into what really takes place behind the doors of the school. Following last week's raid, Richard Lee announced his intention to step down as the leader of Oaksterdam University and pass the pipe to Dale Sky Jones, the current Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University.

A share of proceeds from the opening weekend box office will be donated to Oaksterdam University, in order to help ensure the school's continued survival. CALIFORNIA, 90420 will open on April 20, 2012, in select cities in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

CALIFORNIA, 90420 is a New Coast Productions Film directed by Dean Shull (Waiting) and produced and written by Dean Shull, Steve Roberts and Colin Goldman. The film features Dale Sky Jones and Oaksterdam co-founders Richard Lee and Jeff Jones.

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Filmmaker Biographies

Dean Shull (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor)

Dean Shull serves as CEO of Catchphrase Entertainment, Inc. Prior to joining CE, Shull co-produced the comedy hit "Waiting...", starring Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long for Lions Gate Films as well as its follow up sequel "Still Waiting..." Mr. Shull has also been involved with dozens of film and television productions and has worked with many notable companies including Lions Gate Films, Artisan Entertainment, Media Ventures, Fox, Disney, LA Squared, Element, National Lampoon, Live Planet (Chris Moore, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jeff Balis), Warner Bros., Carol Baum Productions ("Parenthood", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Shestack Productions ("Air Force One"), Fusion Studios ("Good Will Hunting", "American Pie") and Universal Studios.

Some of Shull's previous directing credits include: "Fanboy", "Voodoo Witch Doctors", "That Little Extra", "Sloppy Seconds", and "Lost: Unraveling the Mystery."

Shull has also scored for feature film and television, and wrote the music for the end credits for the movies "California, 90420" and "Waiting..."

Previos to be coming a fulltime filmmaker, Dean worked for Disney/MGM Studios for over a decade, from a Tour Guide, Gangster and Cowboy on The Great Movie Ride to working on creative projects for Walt Disney's Imagineering such as the Tower of Terror and The Back Stage Studio Tour, he stayed busy and in his downtime and also worked as a stuntman protraying Keanu Reeves, in Universal Studios' Bill and Ted Show for several years.

Dean recently produced, directed and edited the feature documentary "California, 90420", the real story of 4:20 Somethings living in Californias semi-legalized marijuana culture. which will be opening in select theaters across the US on 4/20/2012.

Steve C. Roberts (Writer, Producer, Editor, Marketer)

Steve Roberts started his professional career as a strategic planning analyst for McDonnell Douglas Space & Defense Systems (now Boeing) performing competitive intelligence and merger & acquisition studies. Roberts left McDonnell after five years to develop and manage the competitive intelligence pricing process for start-up wireless telecommunications company, Cox California PCS (now Sprint PCS), in support of launching a new category of digital wireless service throughout Southern California. Roberts took his knowledge of digital wireless to Cellular One in New England where he was responsible for launching the company's digital offer portfolio -- and pioneering the industry changing "Roll-Over Minutes" pricing concept.

Steve went on to work for AT&T Wireless as their Senior Marketing Manager for the Boston and Washington DC markets where he was responsible for all facets of the marketing mix. Mr. Roberts then spent a stint at headquarters as a National Offer Manager overseeing AT&T Wireless' quarterly acquisition offers, during which time the company had record subscriber growth. Roberts later managed AT&T Wireless' acquisition and retention offerings for the West Region, which grew to become AT&T's largest region.

In 2003, Steve completed the Hollywood Film Institute Producer and Writer programs. Mr. Roberts started New Coast Productions and wrote a story about an otherworldly autistic boy entitled Po, and hired Colin Goldman (Lion King III, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas) to pen the screenplay. Po was subsequently optioned to Solaris Entertainment (Warrior), but Roberts and Goldman have reacquired rights and plan to shoot later this year.

Under his New Coast banner, Roberts produced (and edited) a feature documentary entitled California, 90420 set to release in theaters 4-20-12.

Steve received his undergraduate degree from Chapman University.

Colin Goldman (Writer, Producer, Director, Marketer)

Colin Goldman is a veteran screenwriter and content developer with experience across multiple film and television genres and media formats. Mr. Goldman was signed for literary representation by the William Morris Agency in Los Angeles following his completion of Graduate School at UCLA. Colin has written and developed content for numerous Disney Animation titles, including Lion King III (a.k.a. Lion King 1 ), Return to Neverland, The Three Musketeers and 101 Dalmatians 2. In addition to his work for Disney, Mr. Goldman sold the spec screenplay Schooled to Deep River Productions (Big Momma's House, The Honeymooners) with Wolfgang Peterson attached to produce, and optioned an autism-themed screenplay, Po, to Solaris Entertainment (Warrior).

In addition to his writing work, Mr. Goldman has recently entered the world of directing and producing high-definition digital film shorts, Angela Bukkake, P.I., and Juno: Teen Pregnancy Redux, which was awarded a Golden Popcorn Award at the MTV Movie Awards in June 2008. Mr. Goldman also co-produced the comedy web series, Heckle U, featuring Tom Arnold and Owen Benjamin. Goldman also produced a feature documentary entitled California, 90420 set to release in theaters 4-20-12.

Mr. Goldman has served as creative content and ad copywriter for advertising firm, Foote, Cone & Belding, which represents brand accounts such as Hilton Hotels, Levi's Jeans and Taco Bell.

Mr. Goldman is an active member of the Writers Guild of America and other professional and civic organizations. He has studied screenwriting through UCLA Graduate School, UCLA Extension, and Georgetown University Extension. In addition to his graduate degree from UCLA, Mr. Goldman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University.