Going Down in La-La Land

Going Down in La-La Land

Allison Lane as Candy and Matthew Ludwinski as Adam in GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND, a film by Casper Andreas. Picture courtesy Embrem Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Going Down in La-La Land

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Going Down in La-La Land (2011/2012)

Opened: 04/20/2012 Limited

Cinema Village...04/20/2012 - 04/26/20127 days

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Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

Rated: Unrated


Young, handsome, and ambitious, Adam arrives from New York with dreams of making it big in L.A. He moves in with his zany best friend Candy who, between auditions, spends her time at the gym, shopping, or looking for a wealthy man.

Adam gets off to a rocky start, complete with parking tickets and an insufferable job answering phones. A new job in production looks promising, but soon Adam finds himself dealing with down-and-out directors, washed up starlets, and meth addicts, as he starts to loose himself in a seamy underworld of gay porn and prostitution.