Snow on Tha Bluff

Snow on Tha Bluff

As seen in SNOW ON THA BLUFF, a film by Damon Russell. All rights reserved.

Snow on Tha Bluff

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Snow on Tha Bluff (2011/2012)

Opened: 04/20/2012 Limited

reRun Theater04/20/2012 - 04/26/20127 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Reality/Crime Drama

Rated: Unrated


In every major American city, there is a neighborhood like "Tha Bluff." It is a place you would never go to if you were lucky enough not to have been born there, the type of neighborhood you only ever see in the quick flashes of a local news story about some heinous crime. And in the depths of each of these neighborhoods there is probably someone like Curtis Snow. Both of Curt's parents smoked crack. Curt quit school at 13, and started stealing cars and selling drugs. He was in and out of juvenile detention centers and did a few years in prison.

But what makes Curt different is he has a dream. A dream of doing something with his life, the problem is, he just doesn't know where to start. But one day when Curt steals a camera from some college kids in a dope deal, something in him changes. He immediately gives the camera to his best friend. Poncho, and they start recording everything that happens in their lives.

At first, it's business as usual for Curt. He continues to rob, steal, and sell dope, all while trying to provide for his baby momma and 2-year-old son. But when one of the rival drug dealers in the neighborhood comes back for revenge, things in Curt's life spiral out of control. Curt's dark past catches up to him. Tragedy strikes and Curt is stuck with the responsibility of looking after his son. Now, Curt is forced to make some big choices about his future. Will Curt ever see the error of his ways and change? Or will the streets swallow him up?

SNOW ON THA BLUFF is just one of the thousands of tragic stories that play out everyday across the country. Through Curt's camera we get an intimate and uncensored glimpse at one of the worst neighborhoods in America, and into the life of the infamous Atlanta hustler and dopeboy, Curtis Snow.

Select Quotes

"Riveting! From the start of SNOW ON THA BLUFF, which runs without any introductory credits, this jolt of a film drops into a you-are-there crime scene." -- Daniel M. Gold, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"[GRADE: A-] A refreshing, unrelenting piece of cinema verite! SNOW ON THA BLUFF is unlike anything you'll see this year." -- Christopher Bell, THE PLAYLIST

"[3 STARS.] Russell evinces a shrewd understanding of how to juxtapose the handheld camera's finite sightline with the bursts of chaos that suddenly invade it... The film gains its power not from its blurring of reality and fiction, but from how forcefully it suggests the continuation of lived experience, just beyond the edge of the frame." -- Matthew Connolly, SLANT MAGAZINE

"SNOW ON THA BLUFF is at turns exhilarating, comical and infuriating as its anti-hero proves to be as clever and resourceful as he is violent and irresponsible." -- Brandon Harris, FILMMAKER MAGAZINE

"Energetic! Recalls the reality-TV chestnut COPS, though it's told from the perp's perspective. Some humor arises from the protagonist's delusions of grandeur, but there's nothing funny about the climax, when [Curtis'] family's history of violence repeats itself." -- Andrea Gronvall, CHICAGO READER

Director's Statement

Back in the summer of '08, I got a voicemail from a drunken Curtis Snow. He had heard that I was a TV producer and had gotten my number from a friend of a friend. He was calling to ask for my help with some filming he was doing. A few days later, I ventured down into THA BLUFF to meet with Curt. We immediately hit it off and started hanging out together regularly. Curt introduced me to his crew and his way of life. A few weeks later, he showed me some of the footage he and his friends had shot. There were only a handful of tapes, but what was there, blew my mind.

Curt wanted to film more and he wanted me to help him. Initially I had reservations, but ultimately I decided to work with him. We started filming together everyday. Curt was determined that we capture all of the robberies, shootings, police chases and other random madness that happened in the neighborhood.

In the down time from my day job, I started going through all of the footage and crafting the story. After a few months I begin working with an editor and SNOW ON THA BLUFF was born.

-- Damon Russell, Director