The Fields

The Fields

THE FIELDS, a film directed by Tom Mattera and David Mazzoni. Picture courtesy Mr. Big, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Fields (2011/2012)

Opened: 04/20/2012 Limited

NoHo 704/20/2012 - 04/26/20127 days

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Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Rated: Unrated


THE FIELDS is a suspense thriller based on true events that took place in a small Pennsylvania town in the fall of 1973. It follows a young boy and his family who are terrorized by a series of attacks emanating from the endless fields of corn surrounding their farmhouse.

Starring Academy Award Winner Cloris Leachman and Tara Reid, the film is directed by Tom Mattera and Dave Mazzoni of the critically acclaimed THE 4TH DIMENSION.

The film is produced by Faust Checho and Harrison Smith of Mr. Big Productions, George Englund Jr., and Tom Mattera and Dave Mazzoni of MazWa Productions. Hollywood veteran Tommy Lee Wallace serves as associate producer.