One Day on Earth

One Day on Earth

A scene from ONE DAY ON EARTH, a film by Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman. All rights reserved.

One Day on Earth

Executive Producer:
Co-Executive Producer:
  • Kyle Jackson
  • Charlie No
  • Boaz Paldi
  • Mark Bega
  • John Raymonds
  • Jenner Furst
Original Music by:
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Associate Producer:
Technical Adviser:
  • Rob Johnson
  • Robert Brown

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One Day on Earth (2012)

Opened: 06/01/2012 Limited

Earth Day04/22/2012 - 04/22/20121 day
Quad Cinema/NYC06/01/2012 - 06/14/201214 days
Music Hall 306/22/2012 - 07/05/201214 days

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Genre: Documentary

Rated: Unrated


Four years in the making, ONE DAY ON EARTH is a video time capsule of one day -- 10 October 2010. More than 19,000 filmmakers, both professional and novice, contributed 3,000 hours of footage. The project, headed by Founder/Director Kyle Ruddick and Co-founder/Executive Producer Brandon Litman, donated video cameras to more than 95 UN country offices, which resulted in unusually intimate access, including footage of remote villages of Papua New Guinea and Abyei, a district of South Sudan with a history of border disputes. The UN has extended their logistical support of the project through 2015.

Featuring music by Grammy winners Paul Simon and Tinariwen, Fela Kuti, Sigur Ros, and DJ Cut Chemist, ONE DAY ON EARTH captures a dazzling array of human experiences, from the birth of a newborn in Mongolia to a woman who collects clocks in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The film fluidly links how crises confronting the world -- from the water shortage to poverty -- connects us all and offers rarely seen images from life in North Korea, Iran, and Kosovo. Beyond the film, the project has established a community platform of filmmakers worldwide and a shared public archive of video footage. The film has been financed by an array of sources, including significant support by the Ford Foundation's JustFilms initiative.

Quick Facts

  • Total number of contributors: more than 19,000
  • Total hours of raw footage: 3,000
  • Time spent editing to feature-length film: 16 months
  • Total number of languages captured in footage: 70

Director's Statement

One Day on Earth has been the most rewarding project of my life. It feels gratifying to help enable so much creativity around the world, all occurring simultaneously. By watching thousands of hours of footage, I have come to realize that there are endless amounts of stories around the world that need telling. By the mere act of giving people a venue to share their story on a global platform, we were able to inspire individuals and groups to film in every country in the world without actually traveling outside our own borders. We have hit upon a very powerful philosophical truth in the future of media. As the audience becomes contributors to the creation of a film, the venue is the most important construct. The venue must inspire. The venue must be accessible. The venue is now the script.

We are helping to invent a new evolving genre in filmmaking by which it is possible to have millions of collaborators create films, TV shows, and new media. The power of this paradigm is that it provides unseen content created by the people and for the people. It is inspired from personal experiences and has meaningful value and importance to the creator and the greater audience. We look forward to the release of our first picture as a first step in an evolution that is changing not just the way media is created, but how we see the world.

-- Kyle Ruddick, Founder/Director