Home Run Showdown

Home Run Showdown

Kyle Kirk (left) and Emma-Lee Hess as seen in HOME RUN SHOWDOWN, a film directed by Oz Scott. Picture courtesy Shoreline Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Home Run Showdown

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Home Run Showdown (2012)

Opened: 07/27/2012 Limited

Southfield, MI07/27/2012 - 08/02/20127 days

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Genre: Family Sports Comedy

Rated: Unrated

A minor league washout coaches a struggling little league team while competing with his more successful brother, and the contest gets settled in an unlikely place: the major league Home Run Showdown.


Three kids, LORI, FASSI and TANKER, are desperate to get on a little league team so they can field balls for major leaguers at the Home Run Showdown -- the annual big league hitting competition. Tanker wants to get to the showdown and meet his baseball idol; Fassi just wants to play hard; and Lori wants his imprisoned dad to see him on TV. They form a team, coached by underachieving JOEY, a former minor leaguer in the shadow of his big league star brother RICO.

But each of the kids has a problem. Lori accidentally makes a powerful enemy of SIMPSON, the league commissioner; Fassi gets in hot water for her aggressive playing; and Tanker's overprotective mother MICHELLE doesn't want him to play. Meanwhile, Joey and Rico's rivalry boils over into a struggle to take over the bar owned by their father BIG AL. The brothers use the their teams to one-up each other, and Big Al sets a challenge: Whoever collects the most official Major League balls at the Showdown will get the bar.

As the kids struggle to get to the Showdown, and Michelle and Joey strike up a tentative romance, the stage is set for one of the strangest baseball competitions of all: a contest where big leaguers, kids and grownups all struggle to master the national pastime.

Long Synopsis

It's the morning of baseball tryouts. LORENZO "LORI" MOORE, an 11-year-old who is new in town, practices alone on the local field. He meets JOEY DELUCA, a broken-down former minor leaguer. Although Joey is bored by baseball, the two hit it off. Joey gives Lori a quick playing tip before officious COMMISSIONER SIMPSON shuts them down.

The Home Run Showdown, a nationally televised big league hitting competition, is coming to town this season. During the contest, local little leaguers field non-homers in the outfield -- a great thrill for the kids.

Bitterly disappointed, Lori talks with his father SAL on the phone. He lies and claims he made Rico's team. Sal, it turns out, is in federal prison and unable to see his son face to face. Why is Lori desperate to get on the field at the Home Run Showdown? So his dad can see him on TV.

Later that day, Joey and Rico get into an argument at their father BIG AL's bar. Each of the brothers wants to take over the bar, and Rico cites his own success in baseball and business to belittle Joey.

Fassi joins a girls' softball league, but in an on-the-field dustup she rebels against the league's touchy-feely rules and gets thrown out.

Lori, Fassi and Tanker meet up for a pickup game, and together they make a plan.

At Big Al's bar, the brothers are continuing their lifelong argument when the three kids show up looking for Joey. During an impromptu lesson on an obscure baseball rule, Joey shows his deep knowledge of the game, and Lori surprises everybody by suggesting he coach a sixth team. Big Al offers to sponsor the team and browbeats an unhappy Joey into taking the assignment. Simpson agrees and the Cubs (a.k.a. The Scrubs) are born.

At the Scrubs' first practice, Joey barely pays attention, the kids can't get it together, and half the team quits in anger. The Scrubs almost grind to a halt, but Lori, Tanker and Fassi head to the local soccer field and cajole enough players to keep the team going.

Always the underachiever, Joey fails in his latest effort to become a musician. Afterward, he gets upbraided by Michelle, who fears that her son is going to be killed in a baseball accident. As Joey promises her Tanker will be OK, Michelle begins to take an interest in Joey.

The Scrubs live up to their name, getting crushed in their first game. Joey, the reluctant coach, barely pays attention. Even though Lori is on a team, it looks like the Scrubs won't be in the top three -- and thus he won't be able to get to the Showdown.

Lori, Tanker and Fassi work off their frustrations by playing a pickup game at the local field. In his anger, Lori hits a wild ball and breaks the window of Simpson's office. The commissioner has taken a serious dislike to Lori, and humiliates him by letting on that he knows Lori's father is in prison.

The Scrubs are getting killed in their second game when Joey finally starts to take an interest in his team. He motivates the kids with a new strategy that helps them win in a squeaker.

After the game Michelle comes by Big Al's bar to congratulate Joey, and they have a very awkward exchange.

But the next game pits Joey's team against Rico's. Rico orders his son Bobby to hit Tanker with a pitch. He throws it hard and breaks Tanker's nose. Rico and Joey come to blows, and Big Al intervenes with a challenge for both his sons: Whoever manages to collect the most balls at the Home Run Showdown can take over Big Al's bar.

Michelle is furious at Joey for getting her son injured, but a few days later, Tanker insists on coming back to play. Joey takes the chance to flirt with Michelle.

The Scrubs are on a streak, and Lori is their best player. Rico decides to woo Lori away from the team. At the same time, Joey's stronger coaching has created some tension with Lori, as he has to keep reining his star player in.

Michelle suggests to Joey that he can patch things up with his brother, but when he arrives at Rico's car dealership, he gets a shock: Lori is there, wearing the uniform of Rico's team. The fight is on.

None of the other Scrubs know that Lori has bailed on the team yet, but after he misses a practice and a game, Tanker and Fassi find him hanging around with Bobby and some of Rico's other players. The three friends have a very painful confrontation, and bust up.

The Scrubs get a new challenge: A local TV news reporter, seizing on Fassi's softball-field fight and other out-of-context footage, has put together a report claiming that they're a team of violent troublemakers.

At the Scrubs' last game --against Rico's team -- the Scrubs pull out a big win and end the season as one of the top three teams in the league. But in the process of running for home, Lori barrels over a catcher and sets off a brawl. This is just what Simpson needs to throw Lori out of the league, and prevent him from going to the Showdown.

The Home Run Showdown. Tanker gets a chance to meet his hero and namesake: Celebrated big leaguer TANK TURPINO.

Rico's team and Joey's play each other hard to collect the most balls, but something is missing for everybody: Lori. Sacrificing everything, Joey takes off to find Lori and bring him to the Showdown.

About the Cast

Matthew Lillard (Joey DeLuca)

Matthew Lillard attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California. Upon graduation, he established the Mean Street Ensemble before moving to New York to continue his education at Circle in the Square. Known to audiences for the infectious energy he brings to the characters he plays in movies, television, and theater, Lillard's career took off when he starred in the the hit feature, SCREAM, playing ruthless killer, 'Stuart Macher.'

His acclaim grew with his portrayal of the title role in the Sundance favorite, SLC PUNK. Lillard lit up the screen as the beloved 'Shaggy Rogers' in the hugely popular Warner Bros franchise, Scooby-Doo 1 and 2. He showed range by starring in Kenneth Branagh's musical version of Shakespeare's LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, in Paul McGuigan's thriller WICKER PARK, in the Ed Burns ensemble feature THE GROOMSMAN, and in the Paramount hit comedy WITHOUT A PADDLE.

He did a star turn opposite legend Carol Burnett on NBC's LAW & ORDER:SVU, a special guest role on CBS's GARY UNMARRIED, and played the lead in the ABC pilot MARRIED NOT DEAD opposite Jonathan Silverman.

Lillard starred in and co-produced the festival hit SPOONER, and appears opposite George Clooney in the Fox Searchlight feature DESCENDANTS, directed by Alexander Payne. He recently completed his feature directorial debut: FAT KID RULES THE WORLD, starring Billy Campbell (THE KILLING) and Jacob Wysocki (TERRI), featuring original music by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam.

Dean Cain (Rico DeLuca)

Dean Cain grew up in Malibu, California and attended Princeton University. An amazing natural athlete, Cain posted a stellar record of athletic achievements and was even signed to the NFL's Buffalo Bills. After a serious knee injury during training camp, he turned to artistic pursuits, where he continued to excel.

Early in his career, he enjoyed success as a commercial actor as well as appearing on popular television shows like Grapevine, A Different World and Beverly Hills, 90210. In 1993, Cain landed the lead role of Superman in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, where he gained millions of new fans over the course of four seasons. He was also well known as the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not! on TBS, produced by his production company Angry Dragon Entertainment. His natural presence on camera led to work on a number of films, including The Broken Hearts Club, Out of Time, and Bailey's Billion$.

In 2004, he starred as Scott Peterson in the movie The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story, based on true events. He also delighted audience with a recurring role on the television series Las Vegas as Casey Manning. He has stayed true to his Superman roots, appearing in a speical guest role in the acclaimed television series Smallville as the immortal Dr. Curtis Knox.

Annabeth Gish (Michelle Hauck)

Annabeth Gish is a multi-talented actress with a diverse background in film and television dating back well over 20 years. Ms. Gish is currently playing the recurring role of "Dr. Anne Sullivan" on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars and recently wrapped shooting a co-lead role opposite Pierce Brosnan in Stephen King's Bag of Bones miniseries for A&E. Also, she can soon be seen in Texas Killing Fields which is releasing in theaters October 14, 2011.

Ms. Gish first gained the attention of critics and moviegoers at the age of thirteen in the feature film Desert Bloom. She went on to star in the acclaimed feature Mystic Pizza opposite Julia Roberts. Her expansive list of film credits include Double Jeopardy, the Sundance Film Festival darling SLC Punk; Wyatt Earp; Nixon; Beautiful Girls; The Last Supper; Coup de Ville; Shag; Steel; and the independent film Knots. Other film credits include a starring role in Buying the Cow; Race to Space with James Woods; the independent feature film Pursuit of Happiness; Morning and the feature film adaptation of bestseller The Celestine Prophecy.

Also well known to television audiences, Ms. Gish's television credits include her starring to great critical acclaim in the award-winning Showtime series Brotherhood; the hit series The West Wing and The X Files, as well as mini-series and TV movies such as; PBS's Masterpiece Theater classic A Death in the Family Different; To Live Again; Someone You Know; The Way She Moves; Scarlett; and True Women, opposite Dana Delaney and Angelina Jolie. Annabeth currently resides in California with her husband and two children.

Barry Bostwick (Big Al)

From his portrayal of the quintessential all American Brad Majors in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to the hilarious Mayor Randall Winston on ABC's "Spin City," Barry Bostwick has had quite a career spanning all genres and mediums of show business.

Barry has had starring roles in many highly acclaimed television film and miniseries. He portrayed George Washington in the two part Peabody award winning CBS miniseries epic "George Washington" and won a Golden Globe for his performance as Lieutenant "Lady" Aster in ABC's thirty-hour presentation of "War and Remembrance." He also starred in "Moviola," "Deceptions," "A Woman of Substance," "Murder by Natural Causes," "Betrayed by Innocence," "The Chadwicks," "You Can't Take it With You," "Once Upon a Family," "Red Flag," "Uncommon Love," "Body of Evidence," "Addicted to Love," "Parent Trap III," "Hawaiian Holiday," "The Great Air Race," "Captive," "Challenger," three adaptations of Judith Krantz novels: "I'll Take Manhattan," "Scruples," and "'Til We Meet Again," as well as Danielle Steele's miniseries "Once in a Lifetime." He starred in the ABC series "Foul Play," and "Dads," the Lifetime Special "Santa and Me" and the science fiction thriller "Tales from a Parallel Universe" for The Movie Channel. Aside from George Washington, he also played another President in "Men in White," National Lampoon's spoof of "Men in Black" for the Fox Family Channel.

Additionally, Barry has appeared in several television musical specials for PBS including "Broadway Plays Washington," "The Best of Broadway," "In Performance at the White House," "Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration at Carnegie Hall," and an adaptation of the Broadway hit "Working." He has hosted the Great American History Quiz on the History Channel and he hosted the Disney California Adventure Special, which celebrated the opening of Disney's newest theme park. He also hosted the NBC television special celebrating the grand re-opening of Radio City Music Hall. He has hosted "A Capital Fourth," the PBS Fourth of July Special, live from the steps of the U.S. Capital six years in a row, in addition to hosting "Saturday Night Live" and dancing and singing with Carol Burnett in her special "Men, Movies and Carol" on CBS. Barry also is a reader for audio books.

Barry made his professional stage debut when he was a sophomore at San Diego's U.S.I.U. School of Performing Arts in the summer stock production of "Take Her, She's Mine," with Walter Pidgeon. He attended NYU's Graduate School of the Arts and made his Broadway debut soon thereafter with the APA Phoenix Repertory Company in the title role in Sean O'Casey's "Cock-a-Doodle-Dandy." He was in the American premiere of Jean Genet's "The Screens." His first Tony nomination was for his characterization of "Danny Zuko" in "Grease." his second nomination was for his portrayal of "Joey" in "They Knew What They Wanted" for the Phoenix Theater. Barry won the coveted Tony for "Best Actor in a Musical" for his portrayal of "The Robber Bridegroom," a role he originally created at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. He performed in the all-star revival of "She Loves Me" at Town Hall and appeared at Lincoln Center in the New York City Opera Production of "L'Histoire du Soldat." He was the "Pirate King" in the Joseph Papp productions of "The Pirates of Penzanze" in Los Angeles and Toronto. In 1991, he returned to Broadway to star in "Nick and Nora."

Barry's recent film credits include the upcoming, "Finding Joy," "FDR: American Badass," "Home Run Showdown," "The Selling," "Some Guy Who Kills People," and "Moby Dick: 2010." He has also recently appeared in "Bedrooms," "Miss Nobody," "Destiny's Stand," "Bedrooms" and "Hannah Montana: The Movie" with Miley Cyrus. His other film credits include "Evening" with Meryl Streep, "Nancy Drew," "Skulls III" for Universal, the independent feature "Swing," Disney's animated "101 Dalmatians Part 2," "Chestnut-Hero of Central Park," "Weekend at Bernie's 2," Stanley Donen's "Movie, Movie," "Spy Hard" with Leslie Nielson," "800 Leagues Down the Amazon," and, of course, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." In the television world, Barry has recently recurred on several hit television series including "Cougar Town" and "Ugly Betty," and has guest starred on "Supernatural," "Ghost Whisperer," and "Glee."

Barry has been very outspoken about his bout with prostate cancer several years ago. He has worked with many organizations and has spoken around the country as a prostate cancer survivor. On behalf of the American Cancer Society, Barry received the "Courage Award" presented by President Clinton in recognition of his determination to reach others about the importance of early detection. Barry is also the recipient of the Gilda Radner Courage Award from the Roswell Institute in Buffalo, New York, where the PSA test was developed, and the Brooklyn Hospital Foundation Award in recognition of his extraordinary efforts to tell his personal story in the hopes of helping others.

Barry Bostwick resides with his wife Sherri Ellen and their two children, Brian and Chelsea, in the canyons above Malibu. Barry is an accomplished ceramic artist. His work has been displayed in prominent galleries and he gives many of his pieces away to various charities around the country.

Wayne Duvall (Commissioner Simpson)

Wayne Duvall has been "that guy" for almost 20 years and has worked with many of Hollywood's top directors and talents. His films include Duplicity, Edge of Darkness, Leatherheads, O'Brother, Where Art Thou?, In the Valley of Elah, Pride and Glory, Apollo 13 and many others. Having done nearly 100 guest spots on television he is most remembered for the 4 years he spent on the CBS drama The District as Sgt. Phil Brander. He is currently recurring on The Good Wife and recently finished the film Breathless, co- starring Ray Liota, Val Kilmer, Gina Gershon and Kelli Giddish. Fall of 2011 he will be shooting Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Kyle Kirk (Lorenzo 'Lori Moore)

Born in Orange, California, Kyle Kirk began acting at the age of 10. His earliest performance was in a local theater production of 'Grease'. This resulted in Kyle signing with an agent and soon booking commercials. His first film audition led to a lead role in "Home Run Showdown" with Dean Cain and Matthew Lilliard. That film was soon followed by another starring role in "Cooper and The Castle Hills Gang" . Since then Kyle also won a T.V. role in "Law And Order". Kyle's passion for dancing has led him to becoming a champion in Peruvian fokloric dance. His extensive experience has allowed him to perform in dance productions ranging from Michael Jackson tributes to Bollywood productions. When he's not performing, Kyle loves to spend time with his friends playing sports, roughhousing with his dog, playing video games, and going to junior high dances.