The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

Jeremy (Mark Kelly) competes in Laser Tag, just one event in The Do-Deca-Pentathlon, written and directed by Jay and Mark Duplass.

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

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The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (2012)

Opened: 07/06/2012 Limited

Playhouse 707/06/2012 - 07/12/20127 days
Music Box Thea...07/06/2012 - 07/12/20127 days
Quad Cinema/NYC07/06/2012 - 07/12/20127 days

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Genre: Comedy

Rated: R for for language.

In the summer of 1990, two teenage brothers engaged in a 3-day sporting battle of epic proportions.

Twenty years later, the spirit of that mighty clash still lurks in their hearts and minds.





THE DO-DECA-PENTATHLON is the story of two grown brothers who secretly rekindle their fiercely competitive childhood sporting event -- a homemade Olympics of 25 events -- during a family reunion in order to finally determine the ultimate champion. When the rest of the family is disrupted by their unfinished business, the brothers must choose between their passion for beating the hell out of each other or the greater good of the family.

Q&A with Jay and Mark Duplass

Where did the idea behind this story originate?

Believe it or not, this film is based on a true story. We grew up in New Orleans, and there was a set of brothers there we were friends with who created this event in high school to determine who was the better athlete. We then extrapolated the story to make it happen to a couple of brothers in their thirties, out of shape, with no business competing in anything physical at this stage in their lives.

It is a funny story for two brothers to make. Were you two competitive as children, and did making this movie rekindle any of those competitive feelings?

We've always been really close, though we love playing sports against each other. Particularly dumb, small, meaningless sports like ping pong, pool, pop-ashot basketball, etc. And while we aren't really intent on destroying each other like the brothers in our film are, the intensity and desire to win is pure and everlasting. Basically, boys will be boys.

Where was the film shot, and why did you choose that location?

We shot in our hometown in the suburbs of New Orleans. It was really fun to take the guys to the same YMCA and Laser Tag places we grew up playing in. Secretly, we were always hoping to get done shooting an hour before wrap time so we could all suit up and get some play time in.

What were the greatest challenges you faced in writing the screenplay?

The goal was to create a fun sports comedy (something we've never done) that also had the feel of a family dramedy (what we know well). We love tonal complexity in filmmaking, but it's always a big task to find that fine line.

What was the casting process? Did you always have these actors in mind?

All three leads are three of our closest friends. We wrote the role for Steve Zissis, one of our oldest friends and our biggest muse. We loved the idea of this lumbering, sad giant awakening his former athlete and finding an odd sense of glory in these ridiculous sporting events. Mark Kelly and Jen Lafleur are, quite simply, two of the most talented "non-famous" actors we know and we've been dying to give them a chance to show what they can do.

Cast Biographies

Steve Zissis (Mark)

Steve also stars in the Dupass Bros' films JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME (Paramount), CYRUS (Fox Searchlight), BAGHEAD (SPC); and THE INTERVENTION; as well as work with director John Bryant on THE OVERBROOK BROTHERS (IFC Films), LOVEOLUTION (Canal Plus), and MOMMA'S BOY (SPC). Steve has appeared on such TV shows as FX's "The League" and NBC's "Parks and Recreation."

Mark Kelly (Jeremy)

Mark's other film work includes a starring role in REMOVAL (Lionsgate) directed by Nick Simon; ANSWERS TO NOTHING with Dane Cook, Julie Benz, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Barbara Hershey (Roadside Attractions) directed by Matthew Leutwyler; and LO-FIDELITY directed by Devon Gummersall; as well as a recurring role as "Dale" in the Emmy/Golden Globe winning drama MAD MEN.

Jennifer Lafleur (Stephanie)

Jennifer also starred in the Duplass Bros' BAGHEAD (SPC) and can next be seen in the upcoming film MUTUAL FRIENDS with Cheyenne Jackson, directed by Matthew Watts. Other film/television credits include TINY MINY MAGIC directed by Danielle Lurie, and BUNKER HILL (TNT) with Donnie Wahlberg and directed by Jon Avnet.

Julie Vorus (Alice)

Julie starred in FINAL DESTINATION 4 (New Line), as well as such stage credits as STEEL MAGNOLIAS, NIGHT MOTHER and THE LION IN WINTER.

Reid Williams (Hunter)

Reid makes his big-screen debut in THE DO-DECA PENTATHLON. A New Orleans native, Reid, has acted in local theatrical productions, and is a member of KidSmart Circus Arts troupe. He currently attends the prestigious New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, with a concentration in Drama.

Crew Biographies

Jay and Mark Duplass (Writers and Directors)

After a series of micro-budget Sundance shorts in 2003 and 2004, Jay and Mark premiered their first feature THE PUFFY CHAIR at Sundance in 2005, which was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, won the Emerging Vision Award at the SXSW Film Festival, and was jointly distributed by Roadside Attractions and Netflix. The brothers' second effort BAGHEAD played at the 2008 Sundance and Tribeca film festivals, and was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics in July of the same year. Their third feature CYRUS premiered at Sundance, starred John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei and Jonah Hill and was released by Fox Searchlight in 2010. JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME will be released by Paramount on March 2012 and stars Jason Segel, Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon and is produced by Jason Reitman.

In addition to writing scripts for several studios, Jay also works as a documentary filmmaker and Mark as an actor in FX's THE LEAGUE, HUMPDAY, HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS, GREENBERG and the upcoming DARLING COMPANION, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED and YOUR SISTER'S SISTER.

Stephanie Langhoff (Producer)

Stephanie Langhoff is producing partners with the filmmaking team of Jay and Mark Duplass. Together they have worked on JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME, as well as Colin Trevorrow's SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, which they produced with Big Beach Films and sold to Film District at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Before partnering with the Duplasses, Langhoff was an executive at Revolution Studios in New York where she served as a producer on PERFECT STRANGER, AMERICAN GIRL ON THE HOME FRONT, and AN AMERICAN GIRL ADVENTURE.

Jas Shelton (Director of Photography)

Jas is an award-winning cinematographer who worked with the Duplass Bros. on JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME and CYRUS. His other feature credits include REST STOP: DON'T LOOK BACK, WALKING TALL, GARAGE and PLASTIC UTOPIA. He is currently shooting the movie COOKTALES in Thailand and China.

Jay Deuby (Editor)

Deuby has a long standing collaboration with the Duplass Bros dating back to their days in Austin. He's edited their feature films THE PUFFY CHAIR, BAGHEAD, CYRUS, and JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME. He is currently working on the latest Judd Apatow feature, THIS IS 40.