A scene from HERMANO, a film by Marcel Rasquin starring Fernando Moreno, Eliu Armas, Ali Rondon, Marcela Giron and Gonzalo Cubero. Picture courtesy Music Box Films. All rights reserved.


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Hermano (2010/2012)

Also Known As: Brother

Opened: 08/24/2012 Limited

AMC Empire 2508/24/2012 - 08/30/20127 days
Georgetown 1409/21/2012 - 09/27/20127 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Venezuelan Family Sports Drama (Spanish w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated


BROTHER tells a simple and powerful story about two kids raised together as brothers: Daniel (Fernando Moreno) and Julio (Eliu Armas) -- who struggle to become professional soccer players. Daniel is an exceptional striker, a phenomenon. Julio is the captain of the team, a natural leader. Both play soccer in the La Ceniza slum. The opportunity of their lives arrives when a headhunter for the Caracas Football Club invites them to a try-out with the team. But their life at the slum interferes and a tragedy shakes them. They will have to choose their destinies on a dirt field. Which is more important: the unity of the family or the dream of their lives?


Marcel Rasquin (Director)

Social communicator, filmmaker and writer, this young Venezuelan director has worked in movies, radio and television; over the last few years, he has paid his bills directing TV commercials, and although it sounds like work, he does it with so much quality and pleasure that he has been awarded several advertising awards such as the "OJO de Iberoamerica 2008", among many others. Awards and recognition are a daily matter for him; he has been beneficiary of two scholarships, a postgraduate course and a Master in Cinematography and Television at the Victorian Collage of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. In 2004, in the Festival of Short Films of the mentioned city, he received awards for "Best Edition", "Best Movie", and "Best Potential in Theatrical Exhibition" with his short film Happy Endings. Moreover, with that same short film, he received the 2005 "Best Emergent Talent in Direction" award from the Circle of Critics of Cinematography of Australia, the first time an international filmmaker won that category. Also, he won the 2006 "Audience Award" at the Festival of Latin Films of Chicago, a happy ending itself for his short film. Now he premieres his opera prima BROTHER, and he does it by the grand door. While editing the movie, he was invited to be part of the official selection in Class A International Film Festivals of Moscow and Shanghai. We can begin to enumerate laurels for Marcel and his beloved BROTHER.

Enrique Aular (Producer)

Enrique Aular is a genius. His brain works like a Rubik's cube. He can turn around anything and make it work. Obstacles and calamities entertain him; they stimulate him. It may be the first time in the history of film that the producer of a movie is also the Director of Photography. And that is because Enrique is also an artist of light. He is a director, photographer, executive producer, businessman, entrepreneur, and ex-champion of surfing. He is also founder and chairman of A&B Producciones, the most acknowledged and awarded production house in Venezuela, and a multi-awarded director in Venezuela and abroad. He is the creator, together with Hector Barboza, of the cultural and editorial movement Platanoverde. Aular and A&B are the planners of HERMANO's social Project in alliance with UNICEF. Enrique is a true Renaissance man.

Fernando Moreno (Daniel)

Learn this name: Fernando Moreno. He gives his character Daniel huge determination and at the same time poignant fragility. A few years ago, Fernando discovered his vocation for acting while doing college theater. Plenty of directors have discovered him already, thus he has participated in feature films, and also played the leading role in short films and professional theater plays. But remember that it was in BROTHER when you first saw him and thought, "If he acts like that in his first movie, Edgar Ramirez has a successor."

Ellu Armas (Julio)

A finding of pure gold. Eliu is not famous; he is fabulous. This novel actor debuts with strength in HERMANO. Eliu personifies Julio with honesty, power and nobility. His presence goes through the screen and mixes with his real life to show how dreams come true.

Ali Rondon (Max)

Ali is a graduate of the TET workshop, where he inherited the passion and commitment for acting. A knee injury kept him from a prominent career of goalkeeper and gifted him to us in the performing arts. Ali is Max, the goalkeeper, the savage. If you see him in BROTHER, with so much truth and intensity, you would think he is a dramatic actor, but if you see him on stage, you will discover that he is a natural comedian; you won't be able to imagine that he is able to perform without making you laugh.

Marcela Ciron (Graciela)

Marcela's artistic vein was intact while she practiced her role of mother, wife and professional. But since 2005 she has devoted herself to show business. She has performed in more than 60 TV commercials in the past years; it is easy to say...and for her it is easy to do. Besides playing Graciela, mother of the soccer players, the pillar of the house, Marcela is the left winger in the champion team of the Female Soccer League in Caracas.