Little White Lies

Little White Lies (2010/2012)

Also Known As: Les Petits Mouchoirs

Opened: 08/24/2012 Limited

Lincoln Plaza08/24/2012 - 09/20/201228 days
The Landmark08/24/2012 - 09/13/201221 days
Angelika/NYC08/24/2012 - 09/06/201214 days
Town Center 508/31/2012 - 09/13/201214 days
Playhouse 708/31/2012 - 09/06/20127 days
Village East09/07/2012 - 09/13/20127 days
Kendall Square...09/14/2012 - 09/20/20127 days
Fallbrook 709/14/2012 - 09/20/20127 days

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Genre: French Comedy/Drama

Rated: Unrated


LITTLE WHITE LIES follows a close-knit group of friends whose bonds are tested and strengthened over a summer holiday.

Bringing together some of the top names from France's current generation of actors, Guillaume Canet weaves a joyous and heartfelt ensemble film out of the dilemmas of eight thirty and forty-something close friends as they vacation together in the summer beach house of uptight restaurateur Max (Cluzet). Starting out light and carefree, tensions begin to fill the air when Ludo is clinging to life following a motorcycle accident, and Max is grappling with unwanted affections from Vincent (Magimel), whose married life and sexuality are under fire. Womanizing actor Eric (Lellouche) and free-spirited ethnologist Marie (Cotillard) navigate the challenges of single life while lovelorn Antoine (Laurent Lafitte) pines for his ex-girlfriend after a sudden breakup.

With its nostalgic soundtrack of classic hit songs from The Isley Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Nina Simone and others, LITTLE WHITE LIES is Canet's spin on The Big Chill, a generational statement on youthful frivolity giving way to middle-aged pleasures and sorrows, with a finely observant eye on contemporary relationships.