The Babymakers

The Babymakers

Kevin Heffernan as Wade, Wood Harris as Darrell, Paul Schneider as Tommy, Olivia Munn as Audrey, Jude Ciccolella as Coach Stubbs, Nat Faxon as Zig-Zag, Lindsey Kraft as Greta, Constance Zimmer as Mona and Collette Wolfe as Allison in THE BABYMAKERS. Photo Courtesy of Millennium Entertainment.

The Babymakers (2012)

Opened: 08/03/2012 Limited

Limited (11+)08/03/2012

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Genre: Comedy

Rated: R for for crude and sexual content, brief graphic nudity, language and some drug use.


After trying everything to get his wife Audrey (Olivia Munn) pregnant, Tommy Macklin (Paul Schneider) realizes to his horror that he may be "shooting blanks." Terrified that his marriage may fall apart, Tommy recruits his friends (and an Indian ex-mobster) to rob a sperm bank where he made a deposit years ago. As with any half-baked scheme, everything can and does go wrong, testing the limits of Tommy and Audrey's relationship. THE BABYMAKERS is a hilarious twist on the heist film genre, a laugh-out loud comedy showing how far one couple will go in hopes of creating a new life.