Desperate Endeavors

Desperate Endeavors

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Desperate Endeavors (2012)

Opened: 09/07/2012 Limited

Columbia Park ...09/07/2012 - 09/13/20127 days
Quad Cinema/NYC09/07/2012 - 09/13/20127 days

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Genre: Comedy/Drama

Rated: PG-13 for for some sexual references.

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Desperate Endeavors follows RAM PATEL (Ismail Bashey), in his chase of the "American Dream". RAM arrives alone in New York City from Bombay in the year 1973 while his wife waits for the call to join him. Armed with a degree in accounting and obvious skills, he is nevertheless beset by financial struggles and the growing pressures to support his growing family, he jumps over hurdles of discrimination and prejudice and his own all-American addiction to borrowing money until he finally "plunges his finger into the dike" of his delusions and baseless optimism. With nothing left to lose, and hopelessly in debt, he is at last ready to find a remedy in the person of a spiritual advisor, the legendary "Dada Baghwan" (Bollywood star, Gulshan Grover). RAM learns to live a more balanced life and turns his fortunes around to success. Based on a true story. Also starring Michael Madsen, Robert Clohessy, and Samrat Chakrabarti.

Cast Biographies

Gulshan Grover (Dada Bagwhan)

Three decades and closing in on 400 films to his credit has made Gulshan one of the most sought after and busiest actors in the film industry. His preparation & immersion into every conceivable role is standard for the craft he has mastered with extraordinary skill. Taking on the lead part of the great "Dada Baghwan" in Desperate Endeavors had Gulshan viewing hours of tapes of the spiritual master of India. Mimicking the gestures & voice patterns created a true aura of spirituality that spread among cast & crew, and audiences are bowled over by his performance. All are a testament to Mr. Grover's ever- amazing ability as a legendary actor of Bollywood & Hollywood. Next up for Gulshan is a lead role in the film "The Driver" with Will Smith and Salma Hayek in 2012.

Michael Madsen (Skeeter)

Mr. Madsen's world-weary, cab-driver role as "Skeeter" in Desperate Endeavors adds to a Long-list of unique roles for the busy veteran actor. The tough-guy attitude he often portrays as an actor he relishes, and the challenge of playing multiple personas throughout his career has made him an audience favorite. Having started in Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater was a major bridge to becoming a star of silver screen and the many "bad-guys" he has played, most notably in Reservoir Dogs and the Kill-Bill series by Quentin Tarentino. Michael has acted in nearly one hundred film & television series as well as producing & directing documentary film. A grizzly exterior doesn't hide a broad smile for cast & crew, and never more so than when he enjoys a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway on one of his motor cycles.

Ismail Bashey (Ram Patel)

The highly versatile Indian-born actor is a whirl of emotion as the protagonist Ram Patel in Desperate Endeavors. Ismail's ascendancy has been steady and strong through the acting ranks as he has been a staple in premium cable programming for nearly a decade, appearing on The Sopranos, Boston Legal, Law & Order, and films in both Hollywood, Mumbai and NYC . Filming Desperate Endeavors had Ismail literally Hopping from set to set, day-in & day-out for a month, and his energy simply never f lagged. Staying attuned to the character of "Ram" was a monumental challenge and "Ish" pulled it off miraculously, like a newly born Indian "Everyman" much in the mold of Jack Lemmon. Ismail is filming another film & TV series in Los Angeles set for 2012 release. And, his impressions of Elvis to Michael Jackson are dead-on hilarious!

Samrat Chakrabarti (Adesh)

Inexhaustible energy and talent have made Samrat one of the busiest Indian American actors in film and in his music career as well. Having appeared regularly in countless Premium Cable roles, (The Sopranos, Damages, and 30 Rock, to name just a few) as well as over a dozen films has him vying for the title of "King of Indie Film." His screen presence is commanding in any role he takes on, and he does so expertly as "Adesh" in Desperate Endeavors. Mixing comedy and drama is a recipe he cooks up perfectly for audiences who savor his wide-ranging acting abilities. Samrat also has a thriving music career as soloist & with his group known as JYDE, performing both live & in studio sessions where Samrat both composes and sings in a wonderful a capella voice. No task is too great or small for this dedicated renaissance gentleman who says with a twinkle in his eye... "Paint the town brown!"

Robert Clohessy

One of film & Television's most recognizable faces is of the gruff, No-Nonense New York-Irish Robert Clohessy. Acting in memorable roles recently in HBO's "OZ" and "Boardwalk Empire," Robert's career spans over three decades in which he has received numerous accolades for his tough-guy demeanor. It comes naturally to him, having being Bronx-born and even fought in the ring at Madison Square Garden in Golden Gloves competition. Robert's peers count him as one of the most reliable, stand-out actors in the business and always makes cast & crew members feel comfortable with a joke and a friendly smile.

Kevin Gebhard

Kevin Gebhard started his late-blooming acting career doing background work on shows like 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, Ugly Betty and The Good Wife. But when he was cast as a psycho killer on A&E's Watching the Detectives, Kevin realized that character acting was where he wanted to focus. Creeps and scruffs in particular, he says. But I needed a hook, something to differentiate me. It came when I was rehearsing a scruff part for Americana Kamikaze. I was trying to convince a woman in the subway that she was dead. Something in the situation made me start talking in this gravelly voice. It felt absolutely natural. I suddenly became that creepy guy. It's worked that way ever since. It's what got me the Desperate Endeavors' part. One day he'd like to try the voice in a seafaring role, maybe stir up a little mutiny.

Reggie Green

I was introduced to the acting world by Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman when I was about 20 years old on the streets of New York City. My latest film as with Oscar nominee Jonah Hill in The Sitter, as the character Soul Baby. I will be seen in the new CBS show - NYC The 22 with Robert DiNero as executive producer. I play the character named Earl opposite Actor Giancarlo Esposito (John Carlos). Should air in April - episode called Ransom. Look for me in - Are We There Yet opposite Terry Crew. I have also played opposite many other actors like Sam Rockwell; Denis Leary; and Michael Knight, etc. and let's not forget the H.B.O. The Wire, where I played a junkman. Also make sure you catch me in Desperate Endeavors as the owner of a butcher shop. I thank Director Salim Khassa and Tom Ford for brining me aboard. It was a great experience to work with the cast.

Geeta Citygirl Chopra (Kali)

Chopra is a proud native New Yorker. Hailed as the "South Asian theater's grand diva" by AsianWeek, her credits span a glitteringly dissimilar array of thematic elements and inspired energies. In 2012, she was nominated for "Outstanding Featured Performance in a Play Female" by the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle for her performances in The Old Globe's production of Ayub Khan-Din's RAFTA, RAFTA. With a mission to connect all people and link all the arts in the spirit of progressive solidarity, Citygirl started SALAAM Theatre (the first professional South Asian theatre/arts company in the USA). Graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the City College of New York. Thanks to Don Wilhelm, Salim Khassa, Jay Patel and all involved in the Desperate Endeavors journey.

Paul Ben-Victor

Paul Ben-Victor has built a career entertaining audiences and impressing critics with his work on the small and big screen, alike. With memorable roles in over 50 films like Daredevil (2003), A Civil Action (1998), True Romance (1993), Tombstone (1993), Houseguest (1995), Crazy in Alabama (1999) and The Corruptor (1999), Paul has time and again delivered standout performances with his many faces.

J.R. Gannascoli

Joseph comes to the acting role of Mr. Bates through numerous film and television classics such as "The Sopranos" "White Collar,"and "Men In Black 3" his experience in Theater gives his performance a heavy, sincere gravity,and he can segue from drama to comedy instantly with ease. When not on stage or screen his distinct voice is known by many in his Voice-over work. A natural affability stems from Joseph, and when relaxing , he can be found over the skies of the Metro NYC area where he has earned his pilot wings. Born in Brooklyn, he still resides in NYC.

Terrance Exodus (Floyd Jackson)

Toning down his natural affability in taking on the role as Floyd Jackson in "Desperate Endeavors" was a challenge for the Big-hearted actor Terence Exodus. A native Brooklynite, Terence had a lot of experience with grumpy, antagonistic landlords, so it became easy to draw upon his four decades of living in tough, city neighborhoods for his role in the movie. "It's a rough place to live, so New Yorkers develop a hard edge," he says. Terence eases back and forth between the being in front of the camera lens and musica stage, where he performs hip-hop at clubs and records his tracks in the studio. His acting & musical gifts are a logical extension of his personality. "It's just a joy to perform, sharing the goodness with others is what it's all about." With an ever smiling face,Terence fits in perfectly onto any film set where people are drawn to his natural friendliness. Much more is in store for this ever busy actor/singer in 2012 and beyond.

Deborah Green

This bold, charming, and seductive actress brings her knack for manipulation to the role of Serene, who ultimately leaves behind her money hungry materialism to become an enlightened, giving woman. Deborah herself transformed from brunette to blond for the role, and built on her leading roles in film, television, and theatre as she agilely moved from comedy to drama by film's end. Deborah's diverse talents have been vividly on display in Silly Little Games, ESPN's "30 for 30" series, One Life to Live, and many film and theatrical roles. She most recently played Tina in the world premier of "Hot Bubbles" the new play by Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Oscar winner John Patrick Shanley. Deborah's passion for the craft has made her in demand throughout the industry. She is thrilled and thankful to be managed by the brilliant Susan Campochiaro Confrey and CBU Management and to also have her as a coach, mentor in the business of acting and as a scene study coach.