The Stand Up

The Stand Up

Jonathan Sollis as Zoe, Quinn Broggy as Ethan and Ashley Gerasimovich as Claire in THE STAND UP, a film by David Wexler. Picture courtesy Cinema 59 Productions. All rights reserved.

The Stand Up

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The Stand Up (2012)

Opened: 09/14/2012 Limited

Quad Cinema/NY09/14/2012 - 09/20/20127 days

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Genre: Drama

Rated: Unrated

Sometimes Comedy Isn't Funny

The QuadCinema and FilmBuff/Cinetic Media proudly announce the U.S. Theatrical premiere of THE STAND UP (83 minutes) written and directed by David Wexler (EVIL WEED 2009) produced by Eli Wolstan (Disney's From Out of Nowhere Productions) and featuring Jonathan Sollis (co-creator and star of the up-coming television series GIRLHATTAN), Margarita Levieva (REVENGE, HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, LINCOLN LAWYER) and Aidan Quinn (DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, STAKEOUT, BENNY AND JOON, LEGENDS OF THE FALL, PRIME SUSPECT, WEEDS, THE BOOK OF DANIEL).


In this endearing, only-in-New York love and recovery story, stand-up comic Zoe Hardwick (Jonathan Sollis) abandons his budding career on stage and moves back home to his childhood bedroom after his girlfriend's tragic death. But when his father, Sandy (Aidan Quinn) the principal of an elementary school lands him a gig teaching kindergarten, Zoe finds himself standing up before a very different demographic and a co-worker with a heart of gold.

About the Film

David Wexler takes the phrase, "Stand-up" literally in this winning confection of genres--fish out of water, buddy movie, and above all, love story. Zoe Hardwick (Jonathan Sollis) a high strung, young comic who's been knocked off his feet and into depression by the sudden death of his singularly loving girlfriend (who caught a stray bullet on a Manhattan street), has abandoned his career, and is holed up in his childhood bedroom at his Dad's apartment. Led in a break-out performance by Sollis, the cast features a droll Aiden Quinn as Zoe's divorced father, Sandy, now a Principal at a Trinity-like elementary school somewhere on the Upper Westside.

Moping for a year Sandy finally gives Zoe the ultimatum--get a job or move out. While employers shrink from Zoe's eccentricities, a temporary position opens up at Sandy's school and offers the position to his son. After some dithering, Zoe takes the job and gradually regains his footing among a classroom of precocious and pitch-perfect kids, a fellow teacher, Veronica (Margarita Levieva, in a captivating performance), and a Helicopter parent (Jennifer Mudge) poised to litigate at the slightest provocation--provocation being Zoe's specialty, on stage and in school, where he achieves an edgy synthesis of Mr. Rogers and Don Imus.

Wexler has created a convincing world of self-regarding New York angst, obsession, and savvy. He was drawn to the idea that a petulant man-child would have to care for kindergarteners. "Zoe is sarcastic and sloppy and child-like himself, the antithesis of what one would look for in a teacher, yet, he is kindhearted and comes to rely on the children (as they do him) to help him get through an extremely difficult time in his own life. It's about almost being defeated and finding comfort and strength in areas that on the surface seem the last place to look."

Wexler is currently in post production with his third feature, ANCHORS. The film stars Devin Kelley ("The Chicago Code") and Will Estes ("Blue Bloods"). Sollis is the co-creator and star of the up-coming television series, GIRLHATTAN, set to air in early 2013.