Vickie Winans as VERONICA and Joshlyn Lomax as young MIA in DREAMS, a film directed by Joel Kapity. Picture courtesy Dreams on Screen. All rights reserved.


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Dreams (2013)

Opened: 02/01/2013 Limited

Premiere01/31/2013 - 01/31/20131 day
Southfield, MI02/01/2013 - 02/07/20137 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Drama

Rated: Unrated

A captivating look inside the journey of four dreamers: a dancer, a singer, an ex-boxer, and a rapper, who are all tied together by life's most common thread: the past.


Mia dreams of singing, Quentin dreams of dancing, Paalo dreams of mending his relationship with his daughter and Alonzo dreams of reconnecting with his family. Though they all have dreams, fragments of abuse and failures from their broken past, make the trek up life's hills hard to climb. Set in an urban metropolitan, Chicago area, four different stories are weaved together in an unlikely manner. With notorious criminal and king of the hill, Donte, lurking in the shadows, what will become of our dreamers? Will they be impeded by life's difficulties or use these obstacles as stepping stones to achieving their dreams?

Sometimes you can't move forward in life until you have dealt with your past. DREAMS places you in a zone of contemplation. It inspires and makes you question what you are doing with your life. It brings the darkness to light. This urban drama highlights the power of overcoming your challenges and pursuing your dreams with everything inside of you.

Packed with twists and turns, DREAMS hits us deep in our hearts, where decisions are made that change lives.

Rooted in themes of forgiveness and passion, DREAMS is sure to inspire us all to become something bigger than ourselves.

Propelled by a stellar ensemble cast that includes well-known and acclaimed actors Geoffrey Owens, Tommy Ford, Terri J. Vaughn, Lou Myers, Llou Johnson, Jazsmin Lewis and Mel Jackson and outstanding new comers, Syesha Mercado, Marchello Lee, Jason "J'son" Watson, Marvin L. Winans Jr., Joseph Awinongya, Vickie Winans, Jaylin Fleming and Deleon Sheffield. Superb, visionary director/producer, Joel Kapity's second feature is a brilliant meld of provocative content and creative artistry, marrying pangs and promise together beautifully in a way that benefits everyone.