Saving Lincoln

Saving Lincoln

Lea Coco as Ward Hill Lamon and Tom Amandes as Abraham Lincoln star in SAVING LINCOLN, a film by Salvador Litvak. Picture copyright © 2013 and courtesy Saving Lincoln, LLC. All rights reserved.

Saving Lincoln (2013)

Opened: 02/15/2013 Limited

Quad Cinema/NYC02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days
Los Angeles02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days
Washington, DC02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days
Lake Park, FL02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days
Wilmington, DE02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days
Boulder, CO02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days
Chicago02/15/2013 - 02/21/20137 days

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Genre: Historical Drama

Rated: Unrated


The true story of Abraham Lincoln and his bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon, featuring sets created from actual Civil War photographs.


SAVING LINCOLN is based on a true story. When Abraham Lincoln is elected President, he brings only one friend to Washington: his banjo-playing, joke-telling former law partner, confidant and self-appointed bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon. Lamon serves Lincoln faithfully throughout the four years of the Civil War and from this unique perspective, Lamon witnesses every aspect of Lincoln's fiery trial as Commander-in-Chief, from the constant military and political pressure, to the personal losses of friends and family members. Lamon soothes Lincoln's tormented soul, saves him from repeated attempts on his life, and introduces him at Gettysburg. Lamon is not present on that fateful night at Ford's Theater in 1865 because Lincoln sends him on a mission, yet it is Lamon who redefines that tragic event in a surprising and uplifting manner. Filmed entirely on a single green-screen stage with performances composited into vintage photographs of the Civil War era, SAVING LINCOLN presents a unique "CineCollage" 3D environment for this authentic and intimate story.

About the Filmmakers

Salvador Litvak (Director/Writer)

Born in Santiago, Chile, Salvador moved to New York at age five. He is a graduate of Harvard College, NYU Law School, and the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA. He directed the Passover comedy and cult hit, When Do We Eat?, which he wrote with his wife, Nina Davidovich Litvak. He also blogs as the Accidental Talmudist for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.

Nina Davidovich Litvak (Writer)

Nina Davidovich Litvak grew up in New York City and graduated from Columbia University. After college, she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked in development at several major studios while honing her craft as a screenwriter. Nina co-wrote "When Do We Eat?" with her writing and life partner Salvador Litvak. She is thrilled to be realizing a lifelong dream of making a movie about Abraham Lincoln.

Reuben Lim (Producer)

Reuben Lim is an Independent Film Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His previous films include Half-Life (Sundance 2008), Entry Level (2007), Super Capers (2009). Through his Production Company, Lane Street Pictures, Reuben has also produced award winning films Reversion (Sundance 2008) and the observational documentary Where Are You Taking Me? (2010). Reuben is a Sundance Producing Fellow and also produces interactive and animation content.