The Power of Few

The Power of Few

Christopher Walken and Jordan Prentice in THE POWER OF FEW, a film by Leone Marucci. Picture courtesy Steelyard Pictures. All rights reserved.

The Power of Few (2013)

Opened: 02/15/2013 Limited


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Genre: Crime Drama

Rated: R for violence, language and brief drug use.

An Unthinkable Crime. An Unlikely Hero.


The Power of Few is a time bending thriller starring Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Q'orianka Kilcher and Anthony Anderson. The film, told from multiple perspectives, mixes urban crime and religious conspiracy, and encourages audiences to look at things from different perspectives to see how the choices of a single person can affect the outcome of things in a world where everything is interconnected.

Producer's Statement

Throughout the years I've had the blessing to know and cross paths with many colleagues and friends who's actions and insights have inspired and guided me on my journey as an artist and human being. It was this spirit of mentorship which originally inspired me to dream big and envision a day when I could use filmmaking as a tool to pay forward the blessings I've had in my life. My vision was to create a filmmaking process which would lend itself to empower and engage creative young minds to connect, collaborate, create and participate in a truly groundbreaking interactive and inclusive way.

One of the main inspirations for this film was the chance to break down the barriers of conventional filmmaking by harnessing the desire and power of today's youth through interactive media and hands-on involvement. We did this by encouraging young artists, fans and visionaries from both the community and worldwide to not only get directly involved in the filmmaking process, but to be part of something bigger, something powerful, innovative, positive and groundbreaking.

We filmed in New Orleans, a community of true survival in constant celebration of the human spirit. And while I was delighted to see how the film industry has economically helped New Orleans, I felt it was not enough to simply bring film business into this community without a true dedication towards mentoring and investing in the young talented generation who carries the secret to a viable future of film in the region.

Our plan as filmmakers was to not to only create a strong narrative with a relevant message, encouraging audiences to look at things from different perspectives and envision how the power of few and our different choices and actions can affect the outcome of things, but to have that message transcend our production process, carrying forward the spirit of The Power Of Few by putting into action the positive effect the power a few people can have in another person's life: "The power of YOU" .

I am very eager and proud to share our film but I am most proud to be able to pay forward all the inspiration and mentorship by producing opportunities for some amazing and talented homeless and underprivileged New Orleans youth and veterans, senior citizens, and young aspiring artists from around the world to fill paid positions, be mentored on set as actors, and collaborate both interactively and through active participation in the making of The Power Of Few.

With this message and mission as our production guide, we were not only able to complete an entertaining and inspiring film but also an innovative model by example. We held an online worldwide casting call for the role of Carmen, and the winner was Stephanie Mejlaq from Malta, who had no previous acting experience. We posted all the raw footage from Scene 64 and invited filmmakers and fans to craft their version of the scene. The winning edit by Jeremy C. Hansen is now included in our final cut. And finally, we recruited homeless youth and senior citizens to be part of our film's cast and crew.

Not often do we find a team of visionary people, especially a filmmaker who shares a vision of the opportunity and possibility for collaboration and innovation, where most would only see risk. So I am tremendously thankful to our writer-director-producer Leone Marucci, our whole production team, and especially our investors for believing in us and supporting our vision to create a truly unique experience.

For me The Power of Few will always be more than a film: it is a mentoring event and a major step in creating a new connection between a young passionate global audience and Hollywood. It is an important model and platform forharnessing the desire of today's youth to creatively express themselves and have their voices heard while we explore the new frontiers of today's social technology.

As artists, I think it's important that we strive to push the borders of conventional filmmaking and stereotypes and invest in our industry's future by supporting innovative new ideas and those who have the courage, passion and vision to pioneer these ideas as we collectively discover new dimensions and frontiers through their art.

There is an amazing power to film. And young artists have a great opportunity and responsibility to be media warriors for positive social change. Through our work and the power of film we can help give a voice to the voiceless and shed light on many of the relevant issues facing the world today. Not only via the message of a film but also in our ability to use the filmmaking process itself as a tool to reach out, inspire, mentor and foster inclusiveness, all while building creative alliances and partnerships through collaboration, support and encouragement.

-- Q'orianka Kilcher, Producer

Filmmaker's Statement on Interactivity

The Power of Few is my first full length feature film and represents many years of work, hope, perseverance and an unquestionable love of cinema. I am grateful for the incredible experiences and the many special people who have both pointed the way and stuck with me over time in support of this project. As writer/director/producer I can go on endlessly, but here I share a few thoughts on the interactive approach we've taken.

The Power Of Few is a multi-perspective mystery that explores the varying influences on a single event, so inviting the world to join in with their own perspective came as a natural extension of the central theme. I took a no restrictions approach and discovered endless possibilities for fan involvement. 100 years ago there was no screen, only a stage. Today we carry screens in our pockets. The internet is evolving at a mind-blowing pace. Fortunately, the tools to pull off this type of interactivity were being developed simultaneous to our film becoming a reality. For such a project, a capable web team is as vital as a risk-taking producing team with the vision and talent to help make it go. The tools for unique storytelling are in our hands as filmmakers. Today's many media outlets allow for a new layer of experience for the viewer and themes can be explored on many more levels. We've opened a door to a new interactive audience passionate about collaboration, and they've responded. Initially they took part in casting rolls, determining locations, naming characters, deciding on their looks. Then they joined our crew during production and now they are creating scenes for our final cut (and there's more to come).

Through time, this industry has been filled with trends. Some have come and gone while others have stuck, but all have shaped cinema as we know it. 3D came and went once, but seems to be back strong today. Color and sound stuck right away (for the most part). As new technologies emerge methods of filmmaking and storytelling will change with it. The evolution of the internet and the YouTube culture has forced advertising and distribution models to reinvent themselves. Conversations we're having with major studios are encouraging as even they are opening up to this approach to filmmaking. I'm often asked and I don't know that filmmakers 'need' to create a participatory experience for their audience, but in a time when the culture is clearly open to this type of thing, why not? We all know and like that sense of satisfaction after we've forwarded a great online video to a friend. A media-savvy culture is growing daily and with it a new audience, one keen on sharing and forwarding. I like to think sharing and forwarding are trends that will stick.

As a producer it's easy to say "of course, do this with every film," but as an artist I think this type of interactivity is best served when it fits the project's theme, its premise. The Power of Few examines perspective and freewill, on screen and off. Be true to your story and vision, constantly think about ways to enhance the experience and never fear the unknown. Remember, if it's not an experiment, it's simply plagiarism. Go create.

-- Leone Marucci, Director/Writer/Producer