A Deeper Shade of Blue

A Deeper Shade of Blue

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A Deeper Shade of Blue (2011/2013)

Opened: 03/28/2013 Limited

Limited03/28/2013 - 03/28/20131 day

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Genre: Australian

Rated: Unrated

A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE: the story of the evolution of modern surf culture.


This is not a surf movie, it is a story about surfing's deepest roots. Told in eleven chapters, A Deeper Shade of Blue combines innovative underwater cinematography techniques with a unique narrative structure, to uncover the art of surfing and the spirit of Aloha like never before. Adding emotion to the imagery, the film is coupled with a soundtrack featuring Paul McCartney & Youth, Foo Fighters, Coldplay and many others.

The pre-recorded event begins with a very special welcome from the red carpet premiere in Hawaii with a pre-recorded musical performance by Kaukahi featuring Jack Johnson. Following the presentation of A Deeper Shade of Blue, Director Jack McCoy will be joined by world-renowned surfing legends as they discuss the evolution, the culture and the impact of surfing from its beginnings to today's billion-dollar-a-year global industry. Panelists include legendary surfing sensations The Marshall Brothers, Derek Hynd, Marty Paradisis, Terry Chung, and others.* And shortly after the panel discussion, we have a video collaboration from Sir Paul McCartney and Director Jack McCoy.

Featured Surfers

Jamie O'Brien

If ever there was a modern day beach boy living the beach boy dream, it would have to be Jamie. Living right on the beach at the Banzai Pipeline with his father, his front door is one of the worlds best surfing breaks. Although during the Pro season it's about as crowded as it gets, Jamie can get just about any wave he wants.

However it is his surfing in big and small surf that Jamie excels in making him one of the best all around surfers in the world with nothing to prove competitively.

Thru the media, Jamie is known as an arrogant punk. Nothing could be further from the truth as you will see in his sequence in ADSOB.

The Marshall Brothers

On any given swell at the perfect point break of Malibu, Chad and Trace Marshall will be there with their friends having FUN! That's fun with capitol letters and glitter. Although they can and do ride all kinds of surfing equipment, their love of the evolved Joe Quigg Malibu Chip that is today's modern long board is evident.

Chad's nose riding is legendary, hanging there for what seems like forever, while Trace with his more classic style shreds from uppers to the beach, or more often than not, they will share a wave together on the same board.

Their sequence song is to a modern jazz/rock trio, Coryell Auger Sample Trio (each a son of a music legend) in a tribute to the earlier surf movies by Bud Bruce Brown who loved to cut their surfing sequences to the likes of legendary jazzman Bud Shank.

Manoa Drollet

Some surfers crave the limelight, others sit quietly and await the next swell, and when it comes they steal the show. Manoa is one of the latter.

Living the quiet Polynesian life in Tahiti, Manoa is not only a surfer, but also a diver, fisherman, bodysurfer and complete all around waterman.

However when the swell reaches the monster size that Teahupoo is known for, Manoa will usually end up with one of the biggest waves. In ADSOB, you will see him ride what is considered to be the biggest ever ridden at the famous break. Totally satisfied with no fanfare on his part.

Stephanie Gilmore

When it comes to the ladies, Stephanie Gilmore has what many consider to be the finest style there is in women's surfing. Growing up in Coolangatta watching stylists like Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, today's leading stylist, Steph had a chance to watch and learn from the best.

However it is her style out of the water that really completes this current Queen of Surfings reputation. Humble, cool, giving, and sharing has made her a popular Champion.

Steph has already made her mark competitively, she has nothing to prove there, however it is no doubt that her influence on surfing will continue for years to come.

Jordy Smith

Never was there such a competitive battle in the surfing industry to secure the sponsorship of a surfer. It was the talk of the industry for over a year. Once it was complete, Jordy was free to get away from the hype and just go nuts with his surfing.

Over 6 ft tall, Jordy uses his size to push power and carving surfing, along with tube riding to the extreme. However it is his seemingly able to pull off aerial stunts at will, his surfing, along with Dane Renyolds has changed professional surfing forever. In his free surfs that he's able to feel free to create moves seen in ADSOB.

Tom Wegener

Living a country life with his family in Noosa Heads Queensland, Tom's love of surfing had him dig deep into our ancient roots to recreate several of the old traditional Hawaiian surfboard shapes. He made a 16 ft 5 in thick, 15 inch wide Olo.

He then went and focused on the shorter Alaia board, thinner and finer than the Olo, sort of like the opposite end of the scale, the board of the commoner back in the day. The results were staggering. As you will see in ADSOB, these boards are sleek, fast and RAD to ride and are being ridden all around the world in all kinds of waves.

Derek Hynd

Former pro surfer Derek Hynd is known for his deep and exploratory thinking. He has been the most feared critic of surfers in his late 80's critique of the top 44 surfers. Pulling no punches he told it like it was and today in his writing he does the same thing.

However it was when he was researching with McCoy for ADSOB, he wondered what it would be like if modern surfing had advanced without the popularisation of the Tom Blake fin?

So he went home, took all of the fins off of his boards and spent the next year and a half figuring out how to ride finless.

The result is one of surfing's greatest original performances in modern surfing. There has been a taste of some of his finless surfing on youtube, however his sequence in ADSOB to Iggy Pop has everyone hooting to the max.

Marti Paradisis

Most of us surfers are shit scared of big waves. Just the thought of being out in waves 10 ft plus is more fear factor than fun for most of us. However there are guys who live for not only 10 ft plus, but also dream of 10 x 10 ft plus surf.

Marti is one of those guys, a lot like Manoa, he lives in the remote Island of Tasmania where the water is freezing and to add to the fun, is home to the Great White Shark. Add a spot that really should not be a spot, you have the ingredients of conditions that only a handful of surfers will ever ride.

Marti leads the way with a performance that the pioneer big wave riders would have never imagined.

Terry Chung

The final chapter of ADSOB is given to one of today's best all around watermen in the world. Much like others in the film, Terry sits humbly and quietly living to surf whatever is presented to him.

Half Hawaiian and half Chinese, Terry shapes surfboards for a living and has a strong following of watermen who depend on using his equipment knowing they have the best there is.

Terry was turned on to Foil Boarding by his fellow Kauai surfer Titus Kinimaka and the rest is history. Gliding above the ocean, without his board even touching the water, Terry is one of a hand full of surfers who are proficient on this type of surfing. The perfect ending to point us into a possible direction on riding waves.