Profile of a Killer

Profile of a Killer

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Profile of a Killer (2012/2013)

Opened: 03/14/2013 Limited

Limited (7+)03/14/2013 - 05/07/201355 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Psychological Thriller

Rated: Unrated

Attention is power.


A retired FBI profiler is called in on a last case - only to find himself at the mercy of a teenage killer's deadly game. He must use all his skills and experience to save lives, including his own.

About the Film

No Hollywood stars, no fancy locations and a budget, in some cases, a thousand times less than its box office rivals. This was supposed to be one of those movies that went direct to DVD. A respectable enough destination for an indie movie but something in this one refused to quit.

From the start, it was a misfit. Originating as a studio project with Mike De Luca producing and names like Logan Lerman and Sam Jackson, the budget and financing just couldn't make ends meet. But the movie kept going, from Hollywood to Minnesota, retasked as an indie by writer/director Caspian Tredwell-Owen. Even then, it was never going to go all the way. "I wanted to shoot a couple of scenes for my demo reel", the filmmaker said. But finding his leads in local actors Gabe Angieri and Joey Pollari, when he saw the results he felt compelled to keep going.

On a shoestring budget, across two Minnesota winters, the movie struggled on. Back to Los Angeles for editing where it was supposed to end up as another one of those DVD titles you've never heard of. Then Regal Cinemas took notice of a screener and decided to give it a limited release. Not so limited, it turns out, as the movie started off so well they extended it for another two weeks. From there, the movie chugged on to Grand Forks, where it was again held over by River Cinema. Now this 'little engine' is gathering steam and is expanding to two more theaters, thanks to CEC.

How did it get this far? "It's the support of the local community," says producer Jasmine Reid, "we have no marketing budget to speak of and rely almost entirely on earned media". With plans for more theaters already on the table, who knows where the journey might lead. "We're about to run into summer blockbuster season", notes Tredwell-Owen,"but we're going to keep going as far as we can". With audiences and critics calling it "intense", "original" and "captivating" perhaps it will be further than anyone thinks. "Profile Of A Killer" opens at Northwoods Cinema 10, Owatonna and Bemidji 10, Bemidji on April 19th.