Rangrezz (2013)


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Opened: 03/21/2013 Limited

Columbia Park ...03/22/2013 - 03/28/20137 days

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Genre: Hindi Romantic Action/Drama (Hindi)

Rated: Unrated

Friendship. Betrayal. Revenge.

It's said that friends are family you choose for yourself, RANGREZZ is a movie about friendship and love. Starring Jackky Bhagnani and Priya Anand.


RANGREZZ is about Rishi Deshpandey, a young, courageous boy whose life is incomplete without his friends and loved ones. He's the perfect example of a true friend, and values his relationships and the dignity of his loved ones above all else.

Rishi can't live without his childhood love: Megha; and his friends: Pakkya and Vinod. He considers his friends as close as family and would go to any length to help or protect them.

This loyalty puts Rishi and his friends in a life-threatening situation when they collectively help a friend marry the love of his life, despite her parents' opposition.

In a hair raising climax involving terrific action sequences & thrill, Rishi's friends see his new avatar: just like Shiva -- one who will benevolently die for the ones he loves, but also one who can also kill for the lack of it!