Glickman (2013)

Opened: 08/16/2013 Limited

Quad Cinema08/16/2013 - 08/22/20137 days
Town Center 508/16/2013 - 08/22/20137 days
HBO Premiere08/26/2013 - 08/26/20131 day

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Genre: Documentary

Rated: Unrated

One voice changed the sports world forever.


GLICKMAN is the triumphant story of Marty Glickman, a record-setting Jewish sprinter who, on the day of his race at the 1936 Nazi Olympics, was dropped from America's relay team to appease Adolph Hitler. Marty went on to become a beloved sports announcer in New York as he revolutionized sports broadcasting by inventing such classic basketball terms as "swish!" In a Hall of Fame career that spanned over fifty years, Marty would paint his "words eye" pictures as the first voice of the NBA and for the New York Knicks, Giants and Jets --- as well as create HBO Sports and mentor a who's who of sportscasters. The documentary is a testament to a man who overcame racism and prejudice and whose life embodied the joy of sports.

The film includes interviews with Marv Albert, Bill Bradley, Mike Breen, Jim Brown, Bob Costas, Frank Gifford, Elliott Gould, Larry King, Oscar Robertson, Charley Steiner, David Stern, Jerry Stiller, Lou Zamperini, and the filmmaker's father, Herb Freedman, who helped him get his first job working for Marty.