Inch'Allah (2012/2013)

Opened: 08/16/2013 Limited

Quad Cinema/NY08/16/2013 - 08/22/20137 days
Music Hall 308/23/2013 - 08/29/20137 days

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Genre: Canadian Drama (French w/English subtitles)

Rated: R for language and brief nudity.


Chloe is a young Canadian obstetrician working in a makeshift clinic in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank, where she treats pregnant women under the supervision of Michael, a French doctor.

Facing daily checkpoints and the separation barrier, Chloe is confronted with the conflict and the people it affects: Rand, a patient for whom Chloe develops a deep affection; Faysal, Rand's older brother, a fervent resister; Safi, their younger brother, a child shattered by war who dreams of flying across borders; and Ava, a young soldier who lives next door to Chloe in her apartment in Israel.

Her encounter with the war draws Chloe into an adventure that's both deeply personal and as large as the land. She loses her bearings, is uprooted, goes into freefall. There are trips that shake us and transform us. There are trips that shatter all of our certainties. For Chloe, Inch'Allah is such a trip.