The Time Is... Now (2012/2013)

The Time Is... Now

  • Vishal Hiraskar
Production Company:
  • House of International Media

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Opened: 09/27/2013 Limited

Quad Cinema/NYC09/27/2013 - 10/03/20137 days
Harkins Theate...09/27/2013 - 10/03/20137 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Documentary/Drama

Rated: Unrated

A film on self empowerment in times of crisis.


"the TIME is... NOW" is a film that shows common people trapped in uncommon situations and how they turn out to be survivors instead of becoming victims. These are people from America, Kenya, UK, Israel and Palestine who have survived bombings, torture, close encounters with death and the loss of relatives and friends. These are the people who have survived extreme crises and the only thing they had was their inner power and faith. Did these people know that they had some unique power before they were forced to face those situations? Or was it the human spirit in them that was not beaten? Or was it then, in the most extreme times, when their soul reached out to a higher power? These questions (and others) are addressed with the views of War Psychologists, Spiritual Leaders and Missionaries.

So ultimately we appeal to the whole world to make a promise that we will become instrumental in creating peace in the world. This will be our contribution to make our planet a bit better to live in.