Things Never Said

Things Never Said

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Things Never Said (2013)

Opened: 09/06/2013 Limited

AMC Theaters09/13/2013 - 09/19/20137 days

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Genre: Drama

Rated: R for violence.


KALINDRA STEPNEY (Kal) is an aspiring poetess, but truthfully she's an artist who's lost. Haunted by dreams deferred and a dangerous marriage, this Los Angelean yearns of bringing her poetry to New York. Wounded by a miscarriage and saddled with RONNIE, an angry husband, Kal tries desperately to find an outlet for her struggling artistic voice. Adding to her distress is best friend and compatriot DAPHNE, also grappling with love issues. Daphne's boyfriend STEVE is a lout who willfully and regularly takes advantage of Daphne and Kal doesn't approve. This turmoil, coupled with the surprise and uncertainty of new love CURTIS JACKSON, hits Kal where she's most vulnerable. Just as Kal helps Curtis with his unchallenged perceptions about his damaged past relationship and estranged young daughter, Curtis' influence leads Kal to dig deeper, to find her voice, and ultimately, a sense of self worth.