Beatocello's Umbrella

Beatocello's Umbrella

A scene from BEATOCELLO'S UMBRELLA, a film by Georges Gachot. Image courtesy Gachot Films. All rights reserved.

Beatocello's Umbrella

Production Company:
  • Gachot Films

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Beatocello's Umbrella (2012/2013)

Also Known As: L'ombrello di Beatocello

Opened: 12/13/2013 Limited

Quad Cinema12/13/2013 - 12/19/20137 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

Websites: Home, Facebook

Genre: Swiss Documentary

Rated: Unrated


Anne Borin PR


In BEATOCELLO's UMBRELLA, award-winning director Georges Gachot tells the inspiring story of Beat Richner--pediatric M.D. author, illustrator and concert cellist; from his coming-of-age in Switzerland, to his street performances as a young medical student in the persona of the clown Beatocello; to the founding of his five KANTHA BOPHA children's hospitals in today's Cambodia. Revered as a national hero, Richner's Herculean efforts have saved the lives of millions of Cambodia's children over the past 20 years, some who have grown up to serve as doctors in his state-of- the-art pediatric hospitals. Now at 64, Richner continues to practice medicine and travel the world concertizing and singing about his protective red umbrella, which has come to symbolize the health and hope he brought to a grateful nation. Unlike many of his contemporaries who held utopian world views, Beat Richner is one of the few who worked to made his vision a reality.