That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment

Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron star in THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, a film by Tom Gormican and also starring Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis and Jessica Lucas. Image courtesy Focus Features. All rights reserved.

That Awkward Moment (2014)

Also Known As: Are We Officially Dating?

Opened: 01/31/2014 Wide

Harkins Theatr...01/31/2014 - 03/06/201435 days
Methuen 2001/31/2014 - 03/06/201435 days
AMC Empire 2501/31/2014 - 03/06/201435 days
BIG Cinemas01/31/2014 - 03/06/201435 days
AMC Deer Valley01/31/2014 - 02/27/201428 days
Showcase Lowell01/31/2014 - 02/20/201421 days
Arclight/LA01/31/2014 - 02/13/201414 days

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rated: R for sexual content and language throughout.

When you realize getting some means wanting more.


Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller star in the R-rated comedy about three best friends who find themselves where we have all been--at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...Where is this going?"

Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) are living a carefree single life in New York City when their best friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) learns his wife wants a divorce. In a show of support, the three longtime buddies promise each other that they will avoid commitment at all costs and stay single together, but their plans are derailed when Mikey starts to surreptitiously date his ex, and Jason and Daniel unexpectedly fall in love. Soon each man finds himself at the most crucial point in a relationship, a moment when "so..." becomes the most terrifying word in the English language.

Written and directed by Tom Gormican (Movie 43), That Awkward Moment is about the vulnerability and embarrassment of navigating modern-day relationships, uniquely told from the point of view of the three guys. The film stars Zac Efron (The Paperboy, High School Musical), Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now, 21 & Over), Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Chronicle), Imogen Poots (Filth, Fright Night), Mackenzie Davis (Breathe In, Smashed) and Jessica Lucas.

The film is produced by Justin Nappi (All is Lost, Arbitrage), Andrew O'Connor (Magicians, "Peep Show"), Scott Aversano (Safe House, The Last Airbender) and Kevin Turen (All is Lost, Arbitrage). Director of photography is Brandon Trost (This is the End, That's My Boy). Original music is by David Torn (Twilight, The Lincoln Lawyer). Production designer is Ethan Tobman (Empire State, The F Word). Editors are Shawn Paper ("Girls," "Parks and Recreation") and Greg Tillman (Elsewhere, The Zodiac). Costume designer is Anna Bingemann (Movie 43, The Impossible).

Executive producers are Manu Gargi (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, The Double), Zac Efron, Jason Barrett (17 Again, "The Man"), Michael Simkin (17 Again, The Lucky), John Friedberg (District 9, Alex Cross), Lia Buman (Insidious: Chapter 2, Looper) and Peter Schlessel (Drive, Looper). Co-producers are Andrew Fierberg (Secretary, 13 Conversations About One Thing) and Ray Marshall (The Black Velvet Gown, The Fifteen Streets).



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