From Both Sides of the Aegean

From Both Sides of the Aegean

Shootings in Turkey, in the Black Sea region during the filming of FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE AEGEAN: EXPULSION AND EXCHANGE OF POPULATIONS, TURKEY-GREECE: 1922-1924, a film by Maria Iliou with Historical consultant Alexander Kitroeff. Property of Proteus NY INC and Proteas. All rights reserved.

From Both Sides of the Aegean

Historical Consultant:
  • Alexander Kitroeff

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From Both Sides of the Aegean (2014)

Also Known As: From Both Sides of the Aegean: Expulsion and Exchange of Populations, Turkey-Greece: 1922-1924

Opened: 03/21/2014 Limited

Quad Cinema03/21/2014 - 04/10/201421 days

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Genre: Documentary

Rated: Unrated


Anne Borin PR


After the success of her film SMYRNA THE DESTRUCTION OF A COSMOPOLITAN CITY, 1900-1922, award-winning Director, Maria Iliou returns to the QUAD with her second in a two-part series, FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE AEGEAN in which she documents the ethnic cleansing and violent expulsion of Greeks from the Ottoman Empire. In the first compulsory "exchange of populations" in the modern world, 1.2 million Greek Orthodox and 400,000 Muslims were forcibly relocated from Turkey to Greece and Greece to Turkey respectively. Maria Iliou and historical consultant Alexander Kitroeff once again gather a remarkable library of archival film and photographs as background to individual testimonies of Greek Orthodox and Muslim refugees across generations. Iliou brings a new perspective to the story: the film's probing interviews reveal the painful similarities of the experiences, and inspire hope that the grandchildren of the refugees from both sides of the Aegean Sea can begin to understand and reach out to each other.